3 Darkhorse Trade Destinations For Kyrie Irving

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Dec 23, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving (2) drives against Detroit Pistons small forward Josh Smith (6) and point guard Brandon Jennings (7) in the second quarter at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are entering a very interesting offseason, and there have been rumors that they could look to trade star point guard Kyrie Irving. Irving has been unhappy with the lack of success that the Cavaliers have had, and while he hasn’t requested a trade, there have been reports that he wants out of Cleveland. If the Cavaliers want to get the best value that they can, this offseason would be the time to trade him while his value is sky high. There are plenty of teams that would be interested in acquiring him, but there are three darkhorse destinations that could make a move for him.

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  • Stan Cratcha

    Not a single chance in the bluest of hell’s. Why would they give away they’re best asset, and start all over, when they just got the #1 pick again and a chance to add another Star alongside Irving??

  • Bryan

    This is just a joke someone is playing right?

    • frank

      ^^^^^this guy knows

  • Red jet

    Realistically I can a ORL trade but definitely for more pieces. Irving and Tristan for Nelson’s expiring, plus the 4th and 12th

  • wildrover4

    Not one of those packages is enough for Irving. The Lakers don’t have enough assets to land Irving. The other teams retain their best assets while getting Irving? Cavs would rather offer him the max and if he turns it down, tell him to play out his contract.

  • donnie burton

    Not a joke at all. If he doesn’t re-sign this year… he has got to be traded by the trade deadline. Its just business. And as a Cleveland fan… do you ppl remember Lebron? Same senario! Build assets before he bolts… he is leaving period if he doent re sign this summer.

    • wildrover4

      He’ll be a RFA next summer. Cavs can match any offer he signs.

      • donnie burton

        Ok… and he then can accept any offer that he wants. Even for lower money. Just like Lebrin did. Matching an offer in the NBA means nothing. He can make the choice. Its not like the NFL….And Hate to say it…. but The kid is out of there first chance he gets if LeBron or Love dont sign… and if Embid turns out not to be the great big man the Cavs think he will be.

        • Frank

          I’m sorry but you have your facts wrong. In restricted free agency, once he team that owns the player matches he has to play for that team. It’s different than unrestricted free agency, which Lebron was in when he left, because he had already come off of his extension. Restricted free agency only applies to players coming off of rookie deals, which Lebron was no longer on after his extension expired. Before arguing with me, please just google restricted free agency if you don’t believe me and save yourself from looking to misinformed.

          • donnie burton

            Ok Frank… so you made your point. Yes the Cavs do control the rights to Irving thru 2016. But like I said… that’s it. HE DOES NOT HAVE TO SIGN THE MAX CONTRACT OFFER! At that point he will become FREE TO SELECT THE TEAM HE WANTS TO PLAY FOR…. JUST LIKE LEBRON. That’s the main reason why if he does not sign the deal… he will be traded by the OCT 3rd deadline. So they can get something for his services. Otherwise they loose again. Google that.. and tell me that isn’t the current situation sir…

          • frank

            Donnie burton…you my friend are an idiot ..that is all

          • donnie burton

            Right so since my point is correct … now I’m an idiot. Relax fanboy… and get your facts in order. But for now take a seat. You just got schooled.

  • junjay32

    much important is he will remain in East team, so that they have still a lot of superstar in all star

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