Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers Playoff Preview

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It’s been a roller coaster ride with plenty ups and downs, twists and turns but finally we got it: A Miami Heat versus Indiana Pacers Eastern Conference Finals showdown. Just like last year, and just like we expected this year.

There were plenty of time when it seemed as if neither team would make it–especially Indiana, based on their struggles that seeped into the playoffs–but LeBron James always had faith.

“Throughout the season we felt like we were the two best teams in the conference,” said James. “Even though we had our struggles we felt that if both sides took care of business then we would see each other. I told Frank Vogel we’re looking forward to seeing you in May.”

Both were clearly the two best teams in the dismal Eastern Conference and they displayed their dominance by duking it out for the No. 1 seed all year long while the rest of the conference battled for the rest of the scraps.

Now it’s time to see how these two beasts in the East stack up against each other. 

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  • Michael Dunlap

    I’ve got the Heat in 6 games. The Pacers always bring their best game against Miami and the bigs will be a problem.

  • Adam Best

    The Pacers play to the level of their competition, seemingly (they beat the Thunder right before the playoffs). The Heat hasn’t played anybody yet. Jefferson-less Bobcats and AARP Nets don’t count. Hard to bet against the Heat, but I think if they let the Pacers get their confidence fully back with a Game One win Miami will be in trouble. That’s especially true if Lance gets the best of Wade right away, and Roy starts off hot.

    Oh, and Lance had five triple-doubles, I believe. One more than Noah.