2014 NBA Draft: Hypothetical Draft Night Trades

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What’s more fun than the draft itself? The trades within the draft.

There are plenty of potential moves that could possibly be made during the 2014 NBA Draft. With teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns potentially having 11 picks between the two of them, there’s a number of open doors for teams looking to trade into the draft (Brooklyn and New York come to mind) for specific selections.

There’s also the possibly of some big names being shuffled around on draft night along with picks. With the impending free agency of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Rudy Gay, Dwyane Wade and many, many others, teams will be looking to free up some cap space to sign one or two of these top talents.

We’ve been covering the draft from every angle possible. From mock drafts to sleepers and player specific draft profiles, it’s time for us to take a look at the bigger picture and teams themselves, not just the prospects in the draft.

Here, we’ll take a look at some hypothetical trades that could happen and make sense for both teams involved. Thanks to some help from ESPN.com’s Trade Machine, we’ve come up with some solid trade scenarios that could happen on draft night.

Note: Some of these trades are made to be logical, others are scenarios that likely wouldn’t possibly happen but are intended for entertainment and discussion purposes. 

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  • Victorious Secret

    No way does Minnesota take Pau.

    • stucktrader

      In any case, the Lakers are not allowed to trade 1st round pick in consecutive years… They burned 2 first rounders on Nash 2013 & 2015 draft.

      Love will leave Minny anyway, but it might come down to the Lakers AND Knicks… if i were him, i would go to CHI/where-ever Lebron is/GS…

      That’s next off season… Pau, might end up with San Antonio… and would fit well with CHI, Memphis, even Pacers with the slower style half court sets…

      • Victorious Secret

        Of course he’ll leave, but I’d rather have 5 years of 2nd rounders than Pau

        • stucktrader

          If he was willing to play for $5mil… he’s worth keeping…

  • Leroy Boyd

    The knicks trade Melo for Boozer Hinrich and 16th pick ok. But Kirk is not under contract so how does that work out?

  • Lee Washington

    Who needs 8 picks in THIS draft ???? THE SIXERS !! They have TWO PLAYERS !!!
    Noel and MCW,, the rest are expendable with the possible exception of Wroten (who could be packaged with Thad and other assets to bring yet another pick). So yea the Sixers could have 8 new players next year.
    And it would probably be an improvement.