Apr 4, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers guard Elliot Williams (25) guards Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo (9) during the second half at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Three Potential Trade Destinations For Rajon Rondo

The Boston Celtics are heading into a very interesting offseason, and one piece that they have that could move is star point guard Rajon Rondo. There have been rumors about the Celtics trying to trade Rondo for the past three years, but this offseason would be the time that makes the most sense for them to deal him. If the Celtics do end up looking to trade him, there are three teams in particular that could and should make a deal for him.

1. Houston Rockets

The Rockets are coming off of a very disappointing 4-2 series loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, and could use one more piece in order to become legitimate championship contenders. They probably don’t necessarily have to pick up another superstar, but they have the assets to pull off a trade for Rondo. Houston could use a point guard that has experience with running a superstar oriented offense, and that is exactly what he’d be running with the Rockets. It certainly seems like the most interesting fit for both sides.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

A trade between the Celtics and Lakers involving Rondo wouldn’t be too terribly likely, especially due to the animosity between the two franchises. That being said, the Lakers do have some pieces that would intrigue the Celtics, and a draft pick that might just force Danny Ainge to pull the trigger. The Lakers are looking to make a trade for a superstar this offseason, and Rondo would make sense for the right price. There is no doubt that Kobe Bryant would be very pleased about a move to acquire Rondo.

3. Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers have been linked to Rondo many times in the past, and Larry Bird could look to make a major move this offseason. Starting point guard George Hill has not gotten the job done, and he could be a nice contract to exchange for Rondo. Indiana has plenty of young pieces to deal to Boston, and Bird has a great relationship with Ainge. It wouldn’t be too terribly surprising to see the Pacers make a run at Rondo this offseason to solidify their championship desire.

Overall, the Celtics are going to be very active in listening to offers for Rondo this offseason. There isn’t much of a future between the franchise and their former franchise point guard, but he won’t be traded just to make a move. The three teams mentioned above have major needs at point guard, and could very well decide to go all in for a superstar like Rondo.

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  • John Russell Blevins

    Pacers could definitely use him. George Hill has been terrible. it’s like Indy has no point guard out there. I *could* see Lin and Asik being traded for Rondo, but don’t know what draft picks Houston has to offer. I know that several Rockets fans don’t want to lose Parsons, not even in a plain Rondo-for-Parsons deal. I would love to see Rondo and Kobe play together, as he would become what everyone hoped Nash would in LA before those injuries. Rondo’s injury doesn’t seem as crippling or nagging as D-Rose’s, so he should be fine.

    • J Taylor

      Ainge wouldn’t take the $15M and $12M contracts of Lin and Asik. McHale played dirty tricks to get both and now has to suffer the consequences. – At the time, prior to howard, they were good moves however.

  • J Taylor

    Rondo is one of my favorites in the NBA, but I am not sure that I see him in the Laker’s future unless he wants to play for $12-14M a season.

    The Celtics have a lower pick in the lottery than the Lakers, and until it settles and Ainge makes his selection, we can’t speculate on the future of Rondo.

    Also, the “animosity” between the Lakers is false. The two have traded many times, and are in different conferences. The only time there is “bad blood” is IF they were to meet and play for a championship. Otherwise, both front offices are looking for every opportunity to improve their team.