Chicago Bulls: Lack Of Offense Primary Reason For Recent Playoff Failures

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The Chicago Bulls exited the first round of the playoffs for the second time in three seasons following their 75-69 loss to the Washington Wizards on Apr. 29.

So why is it that Chicago is on the outside looking in once again?

Is it because of the outstanding play by the Wizards back court duo of John Wall and Bradley Beal, who combined for nearly 40 points and 11 assists per contest in this short-lived, five-game series?

Is it because the Bulls ran out of the gas after defying the odds all year?

While both of these are valid points, they are only smaller parts of the overall problem.

The primary reason why the Bulls are heading home early is because they are lacking another elite scorer that can take over games in crunch time.

Unfortunately for the Bulls, this has been a lingering issue for the past few seasons.

In fact, to prove my point, let’s take a look back at the last four years of postseason play for this team.

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  • SportsChump

    I’m really thinking the addition of Carmelo Anthony along with the return of a healthy Derrick Rose might what this team needs to compete against an aging Miami Heat team.

    We’ll see if that happens.

    • James Tillman

      Appreciate the response. I was against the idea of adding “Melo” to the roster earlier this season. However, after watching them struggle to score in crunch time against the Wizards, I realize that he may be just what they need.

  • Challon Perry

    First, I am not against the Bulls adding Melo. But if you have to gut the team to get him, is it worth it? How does that scenario not make the team the Chicago version of the Knicks? This team definitely needs more offense along with more bench depth. Not just bodies on the bench, but players that can contribute either offensively or defensively. That way, Thibs doesn’t have to run his main guys into the ground. This team needs an offensive 2-guard (an issue that’s been here for a few seasons now) that plays at least average to above-average defense (because Thibs is a defense first guy), and some more depth in the front court. Unless Jimmy improves his shooting and becomes a more consistent offensive threat, he’s not the right fit at the 2. He should play the 3 with Deng gone. This team needs a backup center that can protect the rim, like Asik did before going to Houston. Doesn’t have to score a lot, but has to protect the rim and grab boards.

    • James Tillman

      @Challon Perry. I am in not in favor of potentially losing the core of the team to acquire a quality scorer. However, this problem has been lingering for the past four seasons and something has to change. All of the regular season wins are nice, but we still don’t have another crunch-time scorer in the playoffs, the ending will continue to be the same.

  • Brandy Tillman

    What are the chances of the Bulls getting a scorer in the off season?

    • James Tillman

      That is a good question. That will ultimately depend on how much money they can offer and whether or not potential free agents see them as a solid team to play for.