2014 NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference First Round Breakdowns

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Wasn’t it just yesterday the calendar read October 29, and we witnessed the Miami Heat show off their back-to-back gold?

I could’ve swore it was.  That’s why the journey through the NBA — preseason, regular season, playoffs, offseason — is a masterpiece.  It’s a work of beauty, and one that should never be altered.


Oct 30, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; The Larry O

Many are on the fence with the argument of “please shorten the season.”  I couldn’t disagree more.

While the risk of injuries (Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant), fatigue factors (Indiana), and flat-out boredom (Miami) are all against me, the product currently in place is perfect for the fans, owners, and sports world in general.

This upcoming summer will provide a substantial amount of time to explore alternatives and raise questions, but it’s time for the best athletes in the world to compete for the most prized possession.

On Saturday, the NBA Playoffs ignite a new atmosphere full of excitement, passion, and eventually glory for one battle-tested group of men in mid-June.  This is a time to embrace the sport of basketball, and be thankful to either watch or cover the best postseason tournament the sport has to offer.

Today and tomorrow, I will be providing you with breakdowns and predictions for ALL eight playoff series, which are expected to be action-packed and destined to receive critical acclaim.  Today, we begin with the Eastern Conference.

Here’s what’s in store for the basketball culture in the East:  (Click arrows to advance)

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