Some of Mike D'Antoni's favorite Pringles. (Photo Credit: Mike Mozart,

Los Angeles Lakers Fire Mike D'Antoni: To Become Pringles Spokesperson


Jan 20, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni asks for some more Pringles. Photo Credit: USA Today

The day that Los Angeles Lakers fans have been waiting for has finally come. Mike D’Antoni has been fired as Lakers coach and will transition to another field, as the spokesperson for Pringles.

Unconfirmed sources completely unaware of facts claim the Lakers brass was completely disgusted in the effort shown in the 115-98 win over the Phoenix Suns. The fact that the Lakers allowed just 99 points and improved upon their 108.7 points allowed per game (No. 29 in the NBA) appeared to be the breaking point.

The guy who claimed to be the former Pringles spokesperson was shocked to hear his job had been taken, but took the news in stride:

He has a terrific moustache. How exactly can I compete with that? It’s obvious his basketball coaching skills are improving, so I understand the Lakers decision to get rid of him to continue their tanking ways.

Although D’Antoni was unavailable for an interview, his people informed us that as soon as he’s finished trying all 145 types of Pringles, he’ll be holding a press conference. It’s uncertain whether or not the media members will be allowed to take home any samples.

With a career 453-419 record, D’Antoni was the architect of the “Seven Seconds or Less” offense. It’s rumored by sources with next to no integrity that he’ll push to create a promo for Pringles in which people who can eat a full tin in seven seconds or less will receive the opportunity to brush D’Antoni’s moustache.

Current Laker legend Kobe Bryant didn’t take long to chime in, as he felt the day was long overdue:

It’s Mike’s calling, man. We all started to wonder about him when he started trying to talk to us about (what we thought) were championships. We always talk about getting that “chip” and Mike would always run back to office and when he came back, he’d hand all of us Pringles. It didn’t make sense at the time, but now I get it.

Although we here at would welcome the ability to personally interview Shaquille O’Neal about the subject, we were forced to take a written statement from his people:

Pringles? That’s priceless, man. Anyone got D’Antoni’s number? I love that stuff. You think he’d send me some? That would be Shaqtastic. Matter of fact, I might have a Shaq out back that I could keep them in. Get it?

The official Lakers statement has yet to be released, because it’s unclear whether D’Antoni and the Pringles people understand what an April Fool’s Joke is.

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