NBA Power Rankings, March 20: Top Teams Can’t Avoid Stumbles, Except For Unstoppable Spurs

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It was a basically static week in the NBA Power Rankings, as the top 12 teams remained the same from a week ago.

But it was also a week where most of those top-ranked teams stumbled. Outside of the irresistible force that seems to be the San Antonio Spurs—who have won 11 straight games—every other team in the top 10 had at least one loss, with Miami, Houston and the Raptors each losing twice.

And some of those losses were just bizarre, such as the Thunder losing at home by 23 points to Dallas on Sunday.

The Pacers took a loss at New York on Wednesday. The Clippers lost their 11-game winning streak Monday night with a loss at Denver. Miami lost at home to the Nuggets on Friday and again at Boston on Wednesday. Houston got hammered at Chicago on Thursday and lost at Miami on Sunday. Portland took a loss at home from the Warriors, who lost at home to the Cavaliers. Dallas lost at home in overtime to the Timberwolves. Toronto lost at home to the Suns on Sunday and in overtime at Atlanta on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the bad teams were consistently awful. The bottom five teams in the rankings, all unchanged, were a combined 0-18. The Lakers and Magic were 0-3, while Utah, Milwaukee and Philadelphia all went 0-4.

And with that, on to the NBA Power Rankings for this week (all statistical information via


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