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Scouting The Recruits: Jaylen Brown

Basketball players, specifically elite basketball players, start to get scouted in their early years of high school, some even younger than that. Some top of the line universities will offer scholarships to some players even before their senior year, therefore it’s only natural to get to know some of these blue chip recruits before they even shine on the NCAA, or for some, the NBA stage.

Beginning now, I’ll be posting some scouting reports, information, and even interviews with some of the top high school basketball recruits in the country, as part of a series called “Scouting The Recruits.”

Today, I’m starting off with Wheeler High School’s (Marietta, Ga.) Jaylen Brown.

Jaylen is a 6’6” small forward in the recruiting class of 2015, and is widely regarded as one of the premier players not only at his position, but in the class itself.


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The five-star recruit from Marietta, Ga., is one of the most athletic players in the 2015 class, and can use his size and strength to be a capable defender. He is fast and transition, and can use his size and strength to get to the basket and either finish with ease, or draw the foul and get to the line. His jump shot and ball handling are coming along, and will likely improve as he progresses into his senior season.

Recently I was able to ask Jaylen a few questions, here’s what he had to say:

SM (Shawn McFarland): ESPN has you ranked as the No. 13 recruit in their Top 100 list for the 2015 recruiting class. Players like Noah Vonleh of Indiana, and Kentucky’s Alex Poythress have also been ranked No. 13 overall by ESPN in the past, and now have developed into some of the top prospects for this years NBA Draft, how does that inspire you on your path to playing in college?

JB (Jaylen Brown): It inspires me to work harder and harder. I’m really close to where I want to be with my game, I just want to make sure I get there when college starts.

SM: You’re currently a junior, and entering your senior season, you’ll be expected to raise your game for the scouts. What have you been doing so far to help improve yourself in preparation for your senior year?

JB: Staying focused is big for me … I feel like I know what I need, to continue developing … I just have to put that plan into action.

SM: Being a highly ranked recruit will bring a lot more pressure and scrutiny (media, scouts) than most high schoolers deal with. How do you plan to cope with this into your senior year?

JB: (Laughs) It comes with the territory. I understand the higher and higher you go the more scrutiny comes your way. I’m just going to do my best to stay focused!

SM: Who’s your favorite NBA player, past or present, and why?

JB: This is easy, Michael Jordan. His passion for the game set him aside from everyone else, not to mention how efficient he was, and how much he hated losing.

Jaylen has received offers from top schools like Arizona, Kansas, Ohio State, and many more. He still has one more season to prove himself, and elevate his game for the college scouts.

Look to see more of Jaylen as he begins to make his leap to the NCAA, and make sure to stay tuned for more player profiles like this coming out soon.

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