Jan 28, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley (2) hugs Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin (7) during the fourth quarter against the San Antonio Spurs at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Beverley: The Pest Of The West

Right now, you’re witnessing the evolution of the point guard position. The league has gotten ridiculously deep at the 1, with a boatload of would-be point guards shifting to the bench roles (usually as combo guards in roles similar to Jamal Crawford’s).

Right now, point guards are shooting more than ever, scoring more than ever, and dominating more than ever. Of the league’s top 50 scorers, 14 of them are point guards. And that doesn’t even include combo guards like Brandon Knight, Jamal Crawford, Eric Bledsoe and Monta Ellis.

The league has become so big, and so athletic, that back-to-the-basket scorers who make a living on getting deep position and dropping five-foot baby hooks are almost completely extinct, and those who have the potential to do so have become hybrid-perimeter players who can work the high post (think LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol).

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were a whopping 21 point guards who average six or more assists per game. Look at everyone’s starting point guards in the Western Conference playoff race aside from the Houston Rockets: Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry, Mike Conley Jr., Jose Ellis (no, that wasn’t a typo; Ellis and Jose Calderon share the point guard duties in Dallas), and Goran Dragic; Talk about talent.

Even at the bottom of the Western Conference there are guys like Isaiah Thomas (20.5 points and 6.3 assists per game) and Ty Lawson (18.2 points and 9 assists per game) keeping their respective teams in games on a nightly basis.

The point I’m trying to make here, which should be pretty obvious by now, is that the league is loaded with talent at the 1 (which is how it should be by the way; There are considerably more people in the world that are between 6’ and 6’3” than there are between 6’7” and 7’2”, so the worldwide pool of potential 1s should be largest of any position).

The Rockets take a different approach to their point guard position than most teams, though. James Harden is a top-five offensive player in this league, leading all guards in points per game (24.6 ppg), which gives Houston the luxury of not needing a top-tier ball handler next to him (if I was still writing at Yahoo, I would have gotten blasted for taking a stab at Jeremy Lin with that last sentence, but I know our fan-base here at Hoopshabit is more level headed).

So, as Daryl Morey builds his masterpiece, who does he decide is his next point guard? Yes, he gave Jeremy Lin $25 million before the team landed Harden (the move that changed Morey’s career and changed him from a “Well, Let’s See How it Goes This Year and We’ll Reassess in the Offseason” kind of GM to a modern-day, mathematical genius), but after last season, it was clear Lin wasn’t up to par with his competition. So, instead of tweaking with his core to score a point guard on the market, he found a tough Chicago kid who was playing out in the blistering cold of St. Petersburg, Russia, and brought him to Houston.

That kid is Patrick Beverley, also known as The Pest of the West (I’m trying to get that nickname on his Basketball Reference page but I have no idea how to pull the strings).

I can’t imagine Morey actually assumed that Beverley would be starting, playing 32 minutes a game, and helping lead the Rockets to the fourth seed in the West this year, but that’s exactly what happened. In the preseason, coach Kevin McHale swapped Lin and Beverley in and out of the starting spot, but by the time Houston broke camp, Beverley was McHale’s starter.

When you listen to McHale talk basketball, it’s clear he has an old-school mentality (imagine the exact opposite of Nick Young); It’s no wonder he loves Beverley’s game. If you haven’t seen The Pest in person, or haven’t caught one of his better games, let me sum him up for you: He’s a below-average ball handler and passer (competent, but nowhere near as skilled as most PGs), whose offensive game consists of catch-and-shoot 3-point shots or runners in the lane, using a running hook when he’s attacking at an angle. Offensively, he’s below average, but he makes up for that in defense and intangibles. His on-ball pressure is relentless, pestering point guards all the way out to half court at times. He hustles around every high screen, and has fantastic rebounding instincts on both ends. He has an electric passion for the game, and he never backs down to anyone (not even Chris Bosh and the Birdman, Chris Andersen, as we saw on Sunday with his second-quarter-ending dunk).

The guy is about as old school as it gets, and you can tell McHale loves him the way Tom Thibodeau loves Kirk Hinrich (or a fat kid loves cake; same thing, same kind of love). When the Western Conference playoffs roll around in a month, you can guarantee the elite point guard who draws Houston in the first round (probably Lillard) will be rolling his eyes, lamenting the fact that he might need to match up with The Pest for seven games.

And that’s the beauty of Beverley’s game. He frustrates opposing stars, gets underneath their skin, and bites at their veins. You can tell Beverley was raised playing on outdoor courts by his overly competitive nature, which drives him to do whatever is neccessary to win a basketball game. Although he gained some notoriety for injuring Westbrook in the first round of last year’s playoffs, Beverley is not a dirty player; he just always has his foot on the pedal … and sometimes that leads to him head-butting someone’s knee or landing under a descending shooter.

When an opposing player shoots the ball well after the whistle is blown, Beverley is the one to leap up and smack it away, disallowing the other team to see the ball go through the net (KG style). When an opposing coach is calling for a timeout, Beverley charges the opposing point guard, hoping to smack the ball away before the timeout is granted. When the ball is on the floor, Beverley is lunging at it, no matter how unlikely it is that he’ll gain possession. When rebound floats towards an open area, he springs into action and rises, meeting the ball at the top of his jump. He’s a lightning rod, a madman, and most of all, an annoyance.

Beverley has also had a fantastic effect on his backcourt mate’s style. Harden’s biggest problem offensively is his motor. Some games he lays low for entire quarters, choosing to feed the post or just hang out a few feet behind the 3-point line instead of looking to attack. However, with Beverley, Harden is forced to speed his game up and get into the action. The kind of energy that Beverley brings to a game is infectious, so when you saw Harden absolutely losing his mind at half court against the Indiana Pacers a week and a half ago, you realize that he’s drawing off what Beverley does.

Beverley is an anomaly in this league. Yes, we have guys like Reggie Evans and Ronny Turiaf who lack skill but get minutes by pounding the boards, and we’ve seen guys like the old Junkyard Dog (Jerome Williams … yeah, with the high socks), but Beverley is on a different level. He’s the starting point guard on a contending team in a conference where every other playoff squad has an All-Star caliber point guard. At the deepest position in the league, he’s found success bringing his wacky, electric, street-ball mentality to a Rockets’ team that so desperately needed a spark plug.

So, if you’re talking to someone, and they bring up Beverley, remember to spread the nickname: The Pest of the West.

(By the way, if you consider yourself a Rockets fan, and you aren’t borderline inspired by the way Beverley plays the game, maybe you should pick another team.)

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  • enoughXQZs


    • Mike De Moor

      Hey, at least you capitalized.

    • John Smith

      lol that one word to sum up De Moor. All I gotta say is SPOT ON!

      • Mike De Moor

        You don’t have too many friends, do you?

        • John Smith

          I have enough. You need to write better articles though.

  • Mac Wolff

    Yeah your assessment of Bev is dead on. I didn’t understand how any non-Rockets fan could be so accurate but then I read your bio, and that explains it.
    There is very little competition for nick naming rights as of now. I think the only other legit one was Red Bull from Bill Simmons.

    • Mike De Moor

      Thanks, man. I appreciate that. I hope the nickname sticks, but I doubt I have that kind of power haha

  • imroxfan

    Damian Lillard and his teammate are going to kill that ‘Pest of the West’ on court when they meet in
    the playoff.

    As you just said Beverley is an anomaly in this league. As time goes by, the anomaly usually won’t last. I say Beverley is a fetal anomaly, he not only injured other players, he could injure himself too.

    Beverley’s dirty plays did not get noticed last season until the playoff game when he injured Westbrook.
    No one should be surprised that Beverley had been out 18 games so far this season from various injuries;

    I think Beverley will find more injuries than success going forward. He could be out the entire next season possibly if he continues to play his wacky, irresponsible, and overly aggressive Russian style.

    Imagine, Beverley gets a foul call every 3 minutes when he is on court harassing the opponent’ all-star players. He is NOT a spark plug of Houston players; he’s a spark plug for Houston’s opponents. Remember
    the last OKC game? Just ask Lillard, Westbrook, Cousins, and many more.

    Beverley’ appearance on court would lead to Houston’ playoff failures.

    • Mike De Moor

      I disagree with you, and the fact that Beverley got Lillard into foul trouble and did a great job at keeping his quiet in two meetings backs me up… That being said, I totally understand hating him because if he were on the Thunder or Clippers I know I would

  • Northerner

    No wonder you wanted Lin to stay with the Rockets. If he left, you’d have no one to rag on.

    • Mike De Moor

      Bro, this was about Beverley. The NBA is not Lincentric, although your basketball opinions might be

      • Northerner

        That’s rich. You’ve mentioned Lin in most of your Rockets articles between Bleacher Report and Yahoo, taking jabs at him often in relation to Beverley. I’d say he consumes your opinions more than mine.

        • Mike De Moor

          I wrote two Rockets articles for BR, and yes, one was about Lin… It’s one team, man, obviously I have to discuss last year’s starting point guard and this year’s sixth man. There’s only like nine or ten rotational players, so if I’m covering a single team, I’m writing everything about those 9 or 10 guys. I bet I’ve discussed James Harden a lot more. It’s fine if you think Lin’s the man, I understand that people have different opinions, and I’ve grown to really appreciate Lin’s game. That being said, he’s a good sixth man and not a starter. I’m not a big stat guy but if you check the lineup stats, Beverley does better next to Harden, and that’s where Houston’s bread is buttered offensively.

          • Jeremy Richard

            As a rockets fan I understand. All I care about is wins and championship rosters. There is nothing more pathetic than banwagoners who follow 1 player from team to team like groupies on a rockers jock strap. Its laughable. A good point guard scores 10 points and dishes out 12 assists a game and plays killer defense. Lin can get the points but lacks in the other areas. Beverly has less nba time and more upside. He can get 10 pts easily and plays good defense he does lack in the assist area though. Lin would be a top 5 sg in the nba if he would change positions and go to another team. I wish lin and asik well hopefully

          • Chi Hosm

            And what’s so noble about following a team like a fanatic cult? I watch sports when I feel like being entertained. Along the way, I pick up some athletes whom I like (and will follow when I feel like it) and some I don’t like (and will not follow). I am not a fan to any team/franchise. To me, watching sports is just entertainment. In my opinion, the pathetic one is the one who bashing the so called “bandwagoners”. Fans come in all shapes and sizes. Who give you “team fans” the authority to dictate that fans can only follow teams, not a particular athlete in that team?

            And Mike De Moor, you are a Lin hater. All your articles I came across always involving Lin slighting. Be a man, admit it. See, I admit I like Lin, Howard, Asik, and other Rockets players. The only one I dislike is Patrick Beverley. To me, his style of play is simply unsportsmanlike. Harden does flop a little too much. But I can tolerate that to a certain degree.

          • Chi Hosm

            By the way, Rockets is not the only NBA team I watch. My favorite NBA player is Tim Duncan. So I pay more attention to Spurs than Rockets. There, call me a bandwagoner. I am not proud nor ashamed of the way I view sports.

          • Mike De Moor

            When it comes to the teams, I feel like you pick one when you’re little and you stick to them. You can like other teams along the way, but you’re married to your first love. Yes, this may lead to mental illness, but that’s how I feel haha

          • Mike De Moor

            I’m not gonna admit to hating Lin, but I will admit to liking him less than you and people with your opinion. I love the way he attacks the basket, and I think he’s fearless; A classic D’Antoni point guard. He pushes the ball and looks to attack every advantage. I love the team, so I dig Lin. Point blank. Dude, people were saying things like this in December to me: “Outside of LBJ and Durant, there isn’t a player in the league I’d take over Lin,” and insanely, a lot of people were agreeing. If common knowledge said that Lin was the third-best player in the league and I talked about him the way I do, then I’d be a hater. But, the NBA minds all love the way Bev plays, and I haven’t heard a single one question his role as the starter. In fact, they almost all say that Lin is made for his role as a sixth man on a contender.

          • 671citizen

            You haven’t heard about a single question. Chris Baldwin of culturemap.com question about that all the time…

            Lin has higher PIE than Beverley.

          • John Smith

            Beverley is “a good point guard scores 10 points and dishes out 12 assists a game and plays killer defense.”

            This idiot doesn’t watch the games lmao!!!!!

            12 assists average?!?! Beverley?!?! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Mike De Moor

            Yeah, I didn’t write that, so you’re dumb

        • John Smith

          De Moor is obsessed about Lin for whatever reason. He contradicts himself in all his articles too, which is hilarious.

          • Baun Johltz

            You obviously you have a hard on for De Moor!

          • John Smith

            I don’t swing that way like you, plus the dude looks like a d-bag.

          • Mike De Moor

            Why do I look like a d-bag?

          • Baun Johltz

            you’re a troll, it doesn’t get much gayer than that!

          • John Smith

            Again, I don’t swing that way. Also, I dont know where you developed homophobia but it’s time for you to catch up with time.

          • Thong Pham

            Apparently it just got gayer with gayed ass here

  • Jeremy Richard

    Thank you for seeing things as they are. Beverley is a true point guard and Lin is a true sg and has no business playing the point unless its in a dantoni offense. However I think he would thrive moving to the sg position but obviously on another team. And I also am a 34 year rockets fan.

    • Mike De Moor

      Thanks, man I really appreciate that. I think over the next few years execs are going to start realizing that they need to get creative with their backcourts. If you have a ball-dominant 2, put a sharp-shooting 1 next to him (like Dallas). I’d like to see Lin play in the backcourt with a hybrid 1-2 like Oladipo or something like that. I think they’d bring out the best in each other.

    • John Smith

      “Beverley is a true point guard and Lin is a true sg and has no business playing the point unless its in a dantoni offense”

      I don’t think you know what PGs do, son. Lin averages more assists and is a way better playmaker than Beverley, not even close.

      Also, answer this: Harden is a SG, why does he handle the ball so often? Discuss this over with Kevin McHale.

      You’re welcome.

      • 671citizen

        Well said….this De Moor probably got kicked out from yahoo too, so he starts writing in the hoopshabit.

        Lin has higher PIE than Beverley….that says it all.

  • Eddy Chau

    This is the most retarded article I have ever read. What a shame. I scroll through the whole article, not a single reference made to actual stats. Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary proof. “Pest of the West” require that. How many times PBev held other point guard under their scoring average? Elite Defense is what you claim, how about proving it. Or is it too time consuming for you to rush your article for a few bucks?

    Lin has better stats than PBev and better game. Last night against the Jazz, his stat speaks for itself, while play less minutes than PBev. Don’t get me started on the long term stats.

    You may say PBev started less game, then I’m gonna say PBev is not time-proven, a flash in the pant…just like what people claim Jeremy Lin to be 2 years ago.

    • Mike De Moor

      Stats are almost entirely offensive, man. Even defensive stats like steals and blocks don’t necessarily prove that someone is a good on-ball or help defender (look at Rubio with steals). And read the beginning about all the point guards and their offensive prowess, which proves you probably just skimmed to Lin’s name on this one… They bring different things, I like them as a duo at the 1 and I think Houston can win with the two of them at PG.

      • John Smith

        “I like them as a duo at the 1 and I think Houston can win with the two of them at PG” should’ve included this in your main article, Mike.

        • Eddy Chau

          I won’t even think Jeremy and PBev is the same. I won’t even rate them as on par with each other. Jeremy is far superior as a PG than PBev. PBev is a back up PG at best, and sometimes not even a average PBev. He took out opponent PG’s leg and start fights to generate headlines and attention, that’s what he can do best. Please see the stats I quote from someone else.
          roberlin • 9 minutes ago

          We all know Pat Beverly is a crappy starter and is really a back-up point guard. Not only that, he’s not even that good a back-up point guard, “elite” defense notwithstanding.

          There are many other back-up point guards in the league that are much more productive than Beverly, especially when factoring in their lower minutes played. These point guards also know how to run an offense, unlike Bev.

          Here are Bev’s stats: 9.9 ppg, 2.7 assts pg

          Here are the stats of a few BACK-UP point guards in the league, several of whom play less than 20 minutes a game:

          Darren Collison (LAC) . . . .. 10.8 ppg, 3.5 assts pg
          Ramon Sessions (Char) . . ..11.2 ppg, 3.7 assts pg
          Jordan Farmar (LAL) . . . . . .10.4 ppg, 4.7 assts pg
          Patty Mills (Spurs). . . . . . . .. 9.9 ppg, 1.8 assts pg
          Mo Williams (Portland) . . . . 9.7 ppg, 4.5 assts pg
          JJ Barea (Minnesota) . . . . . .8.9 ppg, 3.6 assts pg
          Greivis Vazquez (Raptors) . . 8.6 ppg, 4.2 assts pg

      • Eddy Chau

        If stats are what you claimed, irrelevant, then what do you use to back up the claim that PBev is an elite defense PG? Your eye-ball test? Is it what you use?

        Jeremy is the REAL elite defense PG, he is the one that quick to run back to defend any transition fast break form the opponent teams. PBev is the one that charge in, hoping to get a offensive rebound or two (or none), but completely neglect his defend responsibility on the fast break. Yes, you are right, the stats wont show this, but this is very childish and irresponsible play. No one play a PG to get rebounds.

        Jeremy win more on the Rocket team when he is used more (+30min game time), in my opinion, the more Jeremy play, the more Rocket wins. The opposite goes for PBev. I would actually like Aaron Brooks much better as a backup PG than PBev. He just had a break out career night, AFTER leaving Houston.

    • Baun Johltz
  • imroxfan

    Hey Demoore:

    Shame on you, have you been making your living by criticizing Lin, a global star, for the past 2 years?

    Other than generating hits from readers, your past writings made me believe that either Lin had robbed your girlfriend from you or did something horrible to you personally. Otherwise, it’s hard to explain why your hatred toward a very decent player is so enormous!

    Lin won’t be with Rockets long, take your limited time left to slam on Lin. Once Lin left, let’s see who’s going to read your stuff on Beverley or other Rockets’ player.

    Beverley is a nobody had McHale not made him a starter to replace Lin. With or without Lin on the
    same team, Beverley will remain a nobody for good, that’s a FACT, just look at his stat line, hahaha.

    Beverley s starter is a real joke, not any other NBA team will ever start Beverley. A starting PG who makes his living by 2 assist, 9 points in 32 min a game is a joke, it could only happens in Houston.

    • Mike De Moor

      Hey Roxfane:

      Defense and intangibles are unquantifiable… When did Houston rip off all those wins in a row? Oh yeah, right after Bev came back. What was their record with Lin starting? Check it out and come back to me brotha.

      • 671citizen

        Rockets lost 3 in a row to Thunder, Bulls, Heat with Lin playing minimal minutes….Beverley didn’t do much.

  • Toni McPherson

    Ever heard the saying, “love is blind”? The Lin lovers are blinded from the truth by their love for Lin. Lin is far from the player that created Linsanity. The only person that fears Lin is himself. The lack of confidence disables him from consistently playing like the player that created Linsanity. Patman shows up every single night with his aggressive, energetic antics that every opponent has come to dread. That kind of consistency and confidence is what a championship team in this league need to bring to the court every single night. Any one who disagrees with this article must not watch every single game. Their love for Lin keeps them from seeing the truth. Keep on keeping on, Mike. I am not sure I like the nickname the Pest of the West but it is fitting since that is clearly what he is.

    • Mike De Moor

      Thanks man, really appreciate that…. And I definitely dig Patman as a nickname. Someone should make a youtube videos of his craziest plays with that packman sound in the background.

  • Brian Eaton

    Lol jeez! I don’t know how crazy your readers were at yahoo but I can’t imagine them being crazier than these commenters. You tried complimenting them and then all they do is spew hate in the comments. IDK what they’re talking about but I thought it was a great article man. Good job!

    I’m a little biased towards red bull as a nickname for PB but the pest isn’t bad either. You really can’t measure how important it is for the Rockets to have someone that can effectively guard these elite PG’s in the West. Beverley is definitely the perfect compliment to Harden.

    • Mike De Moor

      Thanks, man, totally appreciate that… And you wouldn’t believe the things some people have done to insult me for thinking Bev should start over Lin. People have made fake usernames and pretended to be my mom and girlfriend just so they could take it to a personal level. It’s amazing how people have conjured up so much hate, but that’s what the internet allows I guess… Thanks again though brotha

    • 671citizen

      Beverley is definitely the perfect compliment to Harden???? Yes, it is because Harden doesn’t play defense.

  • Deji Emmanuel

    I agree with Beverley’s hustle and passion for the game, every team needs a player like that but I disagree with the underrating of Lin in the process. Yes Beverly is tough but he should not be a starter on this Rockets team especially with Lin on the roster. If your talking about defense Beverly is better but how much better is he really? I’ve watched all the Rockets games and while Beverly is on ball attack defense (he claims he doesn’t scout his opponents he just forces his will upon them) Lin is more team oriented in his defense (moving his feet and body at the correct angle in line with his help defense to the basket). Beverly has been a positive impact on Lin on the defensive end because Lin has seriously cut the gap between him and Beverly on that end. Those arguing that Beverly is leaps and bounds better than Lin defensively obviously have not watched any Rockets games this year.

    On the other end of the court though is a different story. While Beverly gets his points from time to time he is obviously not out there for his offense (in fact I think his career high is 19 points). Lin on the other hand is far ahead of Beverly on offense while still averaging less minutes. While Lin doesn’t garner as much hype as he did in New York, Linsanity still does poke its head through occasionally. All other times he’s still a pretty darn good offensive player both in points and assists (you just don’t get a triple double in 28 minutes or score 21 points in 23 minutes if your average). Oh and let’s not forget that before he started getting hurt around the middle of December he was the Rockets 2nd-3rd leading scorer at a little bit over 17 points a game.

    Don’t even throw the period after the All Star Break into a serious conversation because he was harboring a back injury on very limited minutes (we should applaud him for choosing to play through the pain). Now that his back is getting better we are starting to see his confidence return and his game break out. Don’t even get me started on his minutes because that is a WHOLE other story. In conclusion Beverly deserves minutes, Lin deserves more minutes and in my opinion the starting job.

    • Mike De Moor

      Valid opinion, well written, and I appreciate the time you put into it. But I can’t say I agree.

      • 671citizen

        You don’t agree on anything that doesn’t fit your liking anyway.

  • John Smith

    lol this Demoor guy just doesn’t get it, huh? He makes a living out of bashing Lin and has the audacity to say that readers on Yahoo aren’t level headed. I mean, this d-bag knew many don’t agree to what he writes, thats why he had to insert a precaution of some sort in this article so that when he gets negative comments, it’d make him look better.

    Let’s break down this DeMoor’s logics (more like the lack-of) here:

    “it was clear Lin wasn’t up to par with his competition” LOL what the heck does this even mean??? Lin wasn’t on par against who? CP3? or every other PGs in the league? DeIdiot, you still wonder why you get bashed by many readers?

    PB is “competent, but nowhere near as skilled as most PGs” — PGs that include Lin, you mean. DeMoor has even conceded that McHale is old-school, well guess what? Being old-school really isn’t a good thing in today’s NBA. The coach has an out-dated way of thinking. His stint as a GM and a temporary coach in Minnesota showed the dude is incompetent.

    DeMoor conveniently dismissed Lin fans as being blinded by love, well hey, it goes both ways. His love of bashing Lin is also blind… it might even be a grudge of some sort against Lin. This DeMoor schmock is a hypocrite.

    • 671citizen

      well said…..De Moor is becoming a sore writer…..as he can’t think of anything and anyone else to write about.

      He won’t quit.

  • John Smith

    Beverley’s defense is overrated. He commits unnecessary fouls on elite PGs like Tony Parker, whom Lin outplayed badly last time.

  • 671citizen

    Mike De Moor AKA Mike, Mirror, dot….or whatever your alias would be, still writing garbage using Lin, so you can draw readers.

    Mike De Moor is “Clown of the Press”

    You don’t know jack about basketball…you always try to use stats to back up your claim, but you don’t even know what you are talking about. NBA.com…..the official website……that you should use.

    Lin has higher PIE than Beverley, that debunks everything you have ever written….bet you don’t know what PIE is….go google it.

    You continue wanna be a racist, bias, confused writer. Told you many times before to just quit writing about Lin and write about something or someone else. I guess “Retard can’t learn”.

    Get a life! Mike……. me included as I am wasting my time commenting your garbage again.

  • Kwan Teck Leong

    Are you sure you watch basketball? Pay is poor offensively and defensively. The only thing he has is the frequency on fouling out… That is not defense…

  • George Dixon Adams

    I’d just like to say, I’m a thunder fan. So I have no reason to love Beverley. But I do recognize him as a proficient defender. He does seem to be everywhere on the court at times. For no other reason than the unnecessary foul on Westbrook we Okies hate him. For everything else he does on the court the rest of the west will hate him too. Which is why you Houston fans should love him.