NBA Power Rankings, March 13: Shuffle At The Top

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There is one thing that is almost always true about a set of NBA Power Rankings based solely on the season’s numbers: the later in the season it gets, the less severe the shifts from week to week become.

So it’s a shocker when, in March, a team makes a three-spot jump, particularly when that movement is within the top five of the rankings.

There is a new No. 1 team, a new team breaking into the top five, a couple of squads that jumped three places and one new member of the top 10.

Oh, and for the first time since late November, there is a new team at the bottom of the proverbial NBA pile.

A second team clinched a berth in the postseason as the suddenly reeling Miami Heat—losers of four out of their last five—secured a playoff berth.

And there is some serious streaking going on: The Clippers have won nine in a row, San Antonio is on an eight-game run, the Knicks have won five straight and Golden State just had a five-game skein broken Thursday. And, yes, it seems like it was 1999 the last time the 76ers won a game, but it was actually just Jan. 29—a mere 43 days, counting Wednesday.

Just for giggles, here’s each team’s record since the last time Philadelphia won a game:

San Antonio 15-3 .833
Houston 13-3 .813
L.A. Clippers 13-5 .722
Miami 12-5 .706
Golden State 14-6 .700
Memphis 14-6 .700
Dallas 13-6 .684
Toronto 12-6 .667
Brooklyn 13-7 .650
Chicago 12-7 .632
Charlotte 11-7 .611
Indiana 12-8 .600
Oklahoma City 10-7 .588
Washington 11-8 .579
Minnesota 9-9 .500
Portland 9-10 .474
Phoenix 9-10 .474
Cleveland 9-11 .450
Boston 7-10 .412
Sacramento 8-12 .400
New York 8-13 .381
New Orleans 7-12 .368
Orlando 7-12 .368
Detroit 7-13 .350
L.A. Lakers 6-12 .333
Denver 6-14 .300
Utah 6-14 .300
Milwaukee 5-14 .263
Atlanta 4-14 .222
Philadelphia 0-18 .000

It’s just so stark to see it in black-and-white like that, isn’t it?

And with that, on to the NBA Power Rankings for this week (all statistical information via


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