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Are the Sixers Making Room for BIG Offseason?

Sam Hinkie and the Philadelphia 76ers had themselves a ball during Hinkie’s first trade deadline with his new team. Spencer Hawes, gone. Evan Turner, gone. Now, the Sixers didn’t get much in return for this season but they did acquire about half of the 2014 second-round draft picks and most importantly … cap space for next season.



Let’s get rid of the LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony to Philly pipe dreams right now — it ain’t happening guys, sorry. Both could leave their current teams this offseason but Philly is not the destination.

Alright, now that the ridiculous aspirations of getting James or Anthony are out of the way, let’s break down what they realistically could go after and conceivably attain via free agency this offseason.

Cap Space

As previously mentioned — the Sixers have a ridiculous amount of cap space for next season. As of today the Sixers will only have $32,327,556 on the books for next season. The cap this year is at $58,679,000. If we assume the cap stays unchanged that leaves the Sixers with roughly $26,351,444 to spend spend spend.

Remember, however that the Sixers will also have two lottery picks in the upcoming draft (their own pick and a top-five protected pick from the Pelicans), so factoring in rookie salaries we will take out $6 million for those next season as well — leaving a total of $20,351,444 plus another $12 to $13 million before they would hit the tax threshold. So in essence Hinkie has around $33 million to use next season.

Some people will definitely be waived in this process, because there are 14 guys on the books for next season and a team can only have 15 total. So, factor in the two lottery picks, the second rounders, and whomever they sign and current players will be let go.


First — the unrestricted free agents.

Rudy Gay (27 years old; 2013/14 PER: 20.3 since arriving in Sacramento, player option for 2014-15)

Rudy has immense talent — on one end of the court. He can fill it up with the best of em’ and every team needs someone to score; not everyone can be LeBron and score, pass, defend, rebound, save the universe, etc. Since being traded to the Kings Rudy is averaging 19.9 points, 5.5 rebounds and 3.2 assists while being extremely efficient considering his history. He’s shooting 49.4 percent overall with a true shooting percentage of 57.5 (career high) and his win shares per 48 minutes played (WS/48) has jumped to .120 (league average at .100).

Suggested Deal: 4 years, $48 million

Zach Randolph (32 years old; 2013/14 PER: 17.7)

Philly fans would love Z-Bo. The guy works the glass like few in the NBA, and since arriving in Memphis has been a great teammate and citizen. Imagine the frontcourt with Randolph and Nerlens Noel. Z-Bo carrying the offensive load and sucking up rebounds while Noel can focus on garbage baskets and blocking everything in sight on the defensive end. I think it would be a match made in heaven and if Randolph is willing to leave Memphis then this is something Hinkie needs to explore.

Suggested Deal: 3 years, $40 million



Now a look at the more intriguing, yet harder to acquire restricted free agents.

Chandler Parsons (25 years old; 2013/14 PER: 17.0)

Parsons is headed for a big payday and the Rockets might not be able to work out a deal with him considering their current obligations. If they are unable to match a big deal offered by another team, this is something absolutely has to be explored. Parsons scores 17.1 points a night with averages of 5.6 rebounds and 3.7 assists as well. He plays hard on both ends and is efficient at almost 50 percent shooting (49.7). He could be a welcome addition depending on who the Sixers nab in the draft — if they get Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins, then maybe Parsons becomes a less desirable target.

Suggested Deal: 4 years, $40 million

Gordon Hayward (24 years old; 2013/14 PER: 16.2)

Hayward will be hard get for anyone in restricted free agency as the Utah Jazz seem poised to match almost any offer. Yet, it’s still worth a look. My opinion on Hayward is that he is best served as a second or even third option on a team, even though he has played very well this year for the awful Jazz. He boasts averages of 16.2 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.0 assists per night but his shooting has suffered as a result of higher usage as well. He’s only shooting 39.9 percent overall from the floor and a putrid 29.9 percent from distance; both of which are well under his short career averages.

Suggested Deal: 4 years, $44 million


Sam Hinkie has a buffet-style spread of player options this offseason to consider and much of the talent pool they consider will depend on who they draft in the lottery. As it stands now they will have two top-10 picks and could land a myriad of players who will help the rebuild in Philly. Cap space is abundant and it will all depend on how Hinkie plans to use it, because they have positioned themselves very well. They have completely torn it down — now it’s time to let the architect get to work.

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