Daily NBA Fix 2-8-14: Orlando Magic Remind Us Why They Play The Games

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Welcome to your Daily NBA Fix for Saturday, Feb. 8, the morning after the Orlando Magic reminded us why there is no such thing as a guaranteed win in the NBA.

Based purely on winning percentages, the Oklahoma City Thunder would have had a quick and dirty 83.7 percent likelihood of beating the Magic in Orlando Friday night. That doesn’t account for injuries or home court, but it’s fair to assume that a 40-11 team will likely beat a 14-37 squad around four times out of five.

Friday night was the fifth game, apparently, because the Magic got down early, hung around and won the game on a buzzer-beating dunk.

If nothing else, it’s a reminder of why they play the games—because even what looks like a complete mismatch on paper can turn into something entirely different when you add the human element.

The Daily NBA Fix will deliver highlights, game capsules, the top and bottom five players, the dreaded Goose Egg, Clean and Sober and Ironman awards, we’ll recap who’s circling the drain, there will be some interesting pieces of relevant (and not-so-relevant) information and we’ll look at today’s daily lines for those people who like to wager a buck or two.

Check out the highlights below from the night that was, then get into the game capsules (home teams in CAPS).

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