Memphis Grizzlies Weekly: What Should the Grizzlies Do?

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To say this has been an up and down season for the Memphis Grizzlies, would be a huge understatement. First it started slow with the Grizzlies losing five of their first eight games. Then they went out on a four game road trip to California, which at the time did not look like it would go well for Memphis. However, the Grizzlies rolled of four straight wins playing the way they did last year when they won 56 games. Two of the four wins the Grizzlies scored less than 90 points, and they held their opponents under 90 points in three of the games.

So being two games above .500 for the only time all year, they came home to face the San Antonio Spurs, feeling like the Grizzlies might have a chance to beat them for the first time since the sweep in the Western Conference Finals last year. Yet it was worse than it could have been for the Grizzlies, not only losing the game but during the game Marc Gasol injured his knee. The injury proved to be only a sprain and the Grizzlies would be without Gasol for almost two months, but his injury was not the only one Memphis would have to overcome. So battling many injuries and trade rumors the Grizzlies have gone 5-9 after the Gasol injury, including the first five game losing streak since November 2010.

As it has been discussed by many people, including me, the Grizzlies are at the crossroads of some major decisions. The Grizzlies are currently 12-15 and sitting in 13th place. Now there is word that Mrac Gasol will be back around January 12th, so that means in about three weeks the Grizzlies could be getting very healthy. However, is Gasol’s return enough to jump five teams for the 8th seed, or to make a run at a higher seed? That is the question that the Grizzlies are currently pondering, because at this point they could trade Randolph and look towards next season. This is not an easy decision; most of it depends on what they can get for Randolph and if they want to keep Randolph beyond next season. As the trade deadline approaches it will be interesting to see what the Grizzlies do with their roster. It could all depend on how the Grizzlies do for the next couple of weeks while they wait for Gasol to come back.

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