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NBA: Player Rankings - Week 8

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Welcome back to yet another week of HoopsHabit player rankings! It has been a week of injuries in the NBA, with Kobe Bryant and Brook Lopez joining Derrick Rose on the list of injured superstars. With that said, though, some players in the league have been working tirelessly to separate themselves from the pack. The race for this year’s MVP is becoming increasingly close as the weeks go on. Many teams have made powerful statements that they are strong contenders in this league while others are just fighting to remain relevant. The league’s best players continue to elevate their play to levels unseen and some unknown and surprising players have popped up as not only pertinent, but potential superstars. As 2013 comes to a close, we recognize those players who have made a serious impact on both their teams and the league with extraordinary play. And with that, we continue ranking the NBA’s top 20 players of 2013-14.

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