Nov 29, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony (7) reacts during the second half against the Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center. The Nuggets won 97-95. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony: The NBA's Most Overrated Player

What exactly is the big deal with Carmelo Anthony? There has never been a better time to ask this question. Not because his credentials as one of the best players in the NBA needs to be questioned, it doesn’t, but because his New York Knicks team are going through a particularly rough patch. Right now the team sits at 3-13, half a game ahead of whipping boys, the Milwaukee Bucks. Knicks fans will say ‘Melo isn’t getting the help, that he is doing all that he can for the team and they are right. Nevertheless though, it is clear now he is not the player who can lead a team to the promised land.

Carmelo Anthony is instant offense, but what else? Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

This is not a rant against Carmelo Anthony, but personally, I’ve just never gotten it. While a Denver Nugget, I believed he could be great. It never really materialized, but when a player is young and surrounded by mediocre talent, it is easy to continue to give them more chances to improve. After engineering a move to the Knicks however, the onus really was on him to win big. Yes Amar’e Stoudemire is now more hindrance than help, but that shouldn’t be a complete cop out for Anthony, the former Oak Hill standout. Too often he has tried to shoot his way out of trouble, and despite being an offensive juggernaut, doing this for 82 regular season games and then some more in the playoffs becomes easy to plan for.

The two main issues I have with Carmelo Anthony and the reasons he will never win a title are this. He does not makes the players around him better and he refuses to play second fiddle anywhere he goes. Dissecting the initial claim first, while Kobe Bryant also is the kind of player who doesn’t make his teammates better, he is a better all-around player than Anthony has ever been. More than that, the powers that be at Lakers HQ made smart trades and acquisitions that enhanced Bryant’s selfish abilities, rather than highlight them in a negative fashion. If you look at some of the players he won his last two titles with, the examples are clear for all to see. Pau Gasol is an excellent power forward, top five in the league when the Lakers were winning rings. He can do so much with the ball in hand and an offense running through him, as we have seen when he plays for Spain. Watch him without the ball though, and he is just as effective. Setting screens, grabbing boards and staying quiet, key attributes that allow Bryant to excel. Take Steve Blake, a point guard. He is also a point guard that more often than not doesn’t even bring the ball up the court when Kobe plays. He is a decent spot up shooter and another outlet for Kobe absolutely, but in no way is he a dominant point guard. This is why it has worked for the Lakers. We are being harsh on Anthony here, because he is a victim of circumstance. He can only play with the teammates the organisation goes and gets. J.R. Smith, Raymond Felton, they do not fit his game, and it shows. Anthony’s refusal to adapt however, is another issue altogether.

Carmelo Anthony will never play second fiddle on any team, but just imagine if he did. Dwyane Wade realized a few years back if he put his ego to one side, he could win more titles. So that’s what he did, he took a step back and benefited from it massively. Carmelo sees himself as a superstar of the league, but is he really? Offense is great to look at and it will win you some games and get you All-Star votes, but defense and hustle win championships. Anthony actually showed those attributes at times last season, but right now, with the chips down, he looks disinterested. That is yet another complaint, his attitude and desire to turn the ship around by himself are there, just not totally.

He takes too many shots, doesn’t improve those around him and has failed to acknowledge and work on the flaws in his game. He is as far away from winning a ring now as he has ever been and has spoken about his desire to be a free agent next summer. If teams had sense they would steer clear of Anthony, all he has brought to teams so far is a lot of offensive play and little else. There is no sign of him changing the way he is and wherever he lands next he will expect to be the main attraction when it has been proven he is not good enough to get a team to the top on his own, nobody is. Carmelo Anthony, the NBA’s most overrated player.

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  • Bghmcnsgclub Tuesday

    why someone like you love to criticize melo

    “he refuses to play second fiddle anywhere he goes”
    where did melo exactly play with stablished star? denver with allen iverson?
    new york knicks? and he will play second fiddle to amare???? seriously??

    why you dont try to look on some players that so good but also didnt win a ring??
    you know the guy name steve nash???
    he won 2 mvp’s and surrounded with other stars, does he win a ring????
    isnt it that called overrated???
    cp3 does have a ring???
    dwight howard??? does it rings a bell on you??
    are they arent overarrated????

    • Luke Duffy

      Hi there, thanks for the feedback! I don’t want to disrespect on any player in the league, only voice my opinion and see if people agree or disagree.

      Firstly you make some valid points, however CP3 has not only improved those around him, he’s responsible for reviving an entire franchise. Yes he has no ring, but he still has time, as does Melo. Howard actually is turning into a bit of a disappointment, although it is a bit early to label him that. All that power and talent and nothing but bad press and a lot of indifferent displays recently to show for it.

      Melo has never played second fiddle because he doesn’t want to, and that’s fine. I think it is time he realised though that it is he who needs to be the second option on a team to see most success. You could argue since he left the Denver Nuggets they have been a better team as a whole.They play a more complete brand of basketball without him, last season they were a better overall team than the Knicks.

      While Anthony is awesome offensively too often he tries to shoot the team out of trouble, rather than trust others. I thought he had turned a corner last year with his improved defensive effort and assist totals, but that hasn’t carried over to this season. If other top level stars, which is what Anthony thinks he is, were on this Knicks team, they wouldn’t be as bad as they are right now. If LeBron, Paul George, CP3, Durant, Howard, Westbrook or even somebody like Rondo were the first option on that Knicks team, they wouldn’t have the record they do.

      Sorry if I’ve ripped on your hero man, it’s just how I see it. Also thanks for commenting!

      • Kirko

        I just ran into this article clearly this dude is a Melo hater. I highly doubt that the team would’ve been much better with Rondo, George, Westbrook, Howard, and maybe even CP3 leading the team. That’s no disrespect to those guys but I just think that’s a testament to how bad the Knicks as a team were.

  • Martin Susman

    I agree he is not nor ever will be a true winner. He has zero defense & he is s ball hog & not that good at that as well. I hope, truly hope the Lakers don’t trade for him, it would be a very bad deal for the future of the Lakers. Mello could be sent to the Clippers to play along side CP3 & that would make them an even better offensive team but honestly I think he needs to stay with a small markety team where he is number one & gets his max check & that’s it….Added ot that he made trouble in Denver, now in New York & the last thing a real team needs is for him to make trouble…. The only place that I can see that might make it to the ring game is if he went to Houston & played with D12 & the Beard. That would make them an impressive scoring punch but I would say he & the Beard wpould not get along for a very long time.

    • Luke Duffy

      Thanks for commenting Martin, I’m glad somebody agrees with me, I’ve been getting some heat for this! Look he’s a great player, there is no denying that, but as you have also pointed out if he were to land somewhere as a scoring punch it could push a contender over the top!