Nov 3, 2013; Orlando, FL, USA; Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd reacts against the Orlando Magic during the second quarter at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, Kidd's Gonna Spill A Drink

All I can say is wow. For those of you who haven’t watched any sports television in the last two days, Jason Kidd was fined $50,000 for intentionally spilling a drink on the court to buy his team some more time. It’s the kind of bush league tactic one might expect from a first-time coach who’s struggling, but the league let him off easy.

The Brooklyn Nets were down two, with the Los Angeles Lakers getting one more free-throw. With less than nine seconds on the clock and no timeouts, the Nets weren’t going to get a chance to draw up any kind of play..UNLESS SOMEONE STALLS!

Take a look for yourself and see how you feel about it (courtesy of The Brooklyn Game):

The look on Kidd’s face was almost as priceless as the look on Lawrence Frank’s face after seeing what happened. If we could see a thought bubble above Frank, it would say “How did I not get this job again?” Then to make matters worse, one of the assistants called the team over to draw up a play (which Steve Blake sat in on).

It was pretty funny for outsiders, but the league should have come down much harder. Let’s not forget that Kidd made approximately $187 million dollars over his career. That $50k was 1.6 percent of his 2012-13 salary of $3,090,000.

For a “normal” person that makes $50,000, that equates to $800. It’s not the kind of fine you’d be happy with, but if you had Kidd money in the bank, it’s just a drop in the bucket and another black eye for the Nets.

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