Washington Wizards: Bad News About Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards

Hopefully Beal’s injury is not too serious.
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It seemed like the Wizards were finally putting it together.  Everyone had hopes that they would make the playoffs for the first time since the 2007-08 season to start off this year and they started off slow, but the last week was promising.  They went 3-1 this week and looked much improved from he previous week, which resulted in four straight losses.

And now this.  Bradley Beal is injured.  It is the same leg that sidelined that sidelined him for the last eight regular season games of last season.

Michael Lee of the Washington Post reported that Beal “has been experiencing soreness in the same right leg that brought a premature end to his rookie season and had it examined on Monday afternoon.”  This was reported early this morning on the East Coast and it is just devastating news.

And then Bill Simmons chimed in.  Simmons has exclusive scoops like few others around the league and tweeted this:

The word extended is worrisome, especially because it is the same leg that he injured last season.  When a player reaggrevates an injury it always seems like it takes them longer to come back because they want to avoid the same injury.

The thing is, I did not even see him get injury and reporters said they saw no apparent injury after the Wizards nine point win over the Knicks on Saturday night.

Bradley Beal looked destined to become one of the top shooting guards in the league this season.  His start to the season was going to make him a possible all-star candidate.

Beal is averaging 20.6 points per game and is shooting 43.9 percent from beyond the arc this season.  He has been the Wizards best and most consistent player through 13 games so far.  His ability to knock down shots as well as his on-going improvement of shooting off the dribble has made him a tough cover.  His elevated play has also made the game easier for others around him, especially John Wall.

If Beal does miss significant time it is going to effect Wall’s game.  And that is going to hurt the Wizards because they need Wall to be an All-Star point guard in order to have success.  Wall and Beal have formed a 1-2 punch that is one of the best in the league.  They play off each other great and make each other better when they are at their best.  Wall is one of the top assist men in the league and Beal is on the other end of a lot of those passes.  Defenses have a tough time defending them because of Wall’s drive and kick ability that frees up Beal.  If Beal is stroking it and defenses are staying on him  tight, Wall can take advantage of opposing guards with his size and speed and get to the bucket on basically any point guard in the league.  Losing Beal is going to put a lot of pressure on Wall and that is not a good thing.  Wall has forced the issue in the past and has not looked good and without Beal he will be asked to do even more on the offensive end.  Lets just hope as basketball fans and for Wall’s sake Beal does not miss any significant time.

Basketball is  better when the stars are shining.  In the last week, we have had Derrick Rose, Marc Gasol, and Andre Iguodala all go down with injuries.  And now Bradley Beal.  It is not good for the sport of the basketball and it is certainly not good for the Wizards.

Get healthy soon, Mr. Beal.

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