NBA: Step In The Lane Weekly (11-19-13) — And Four

Tony Allen

Tony Allen did something … interesting. Photo Credit: Mark Runyon, Basketball Schedule

I have been severely slacking on my NBA writing. I could make excuses –I had too much to do and had to readjust my schedule (off the Kings beat, by the way), it is tough to make any statistical analysis this early with such a small sample size, I have been on an emotional roller coaster with the Lakers going back and forth between getting blown out and narrowly edging out wins, I have been too busy laughing profusely at anybody who said DeAndre Jordan can win Defensive Player of the Year or I have been using all of my energy dominating the HoopsHabit fantasy basketball league — but instead I am just going to say I am sorry and promise to get back to bringing my dedicated readers (am I the only one hearing crickets?) hardcore NBA analysis from here on forward…

…starting next week. At that time the Step In The Lane Format will be fully back and each week I will be dealing with three particular NBA topics after analyzing those topics intently, both on the floor and statistically, over the week leading up to the article. For this week, however, I decided to run back some of the top highlights and random moments from the season so far (full out analysis with an inordinate amount of stats next week, I promise. Maybe even a film breakdown):

The New Motown

While Brandon Jennings off the backboard alley-oop to Andre Drummond against the Lakers has deservedly gotten all the love, they actually foreshadowed the mind blowing lob the game before against Sacramento.

But alas, while this played showed much ingenuity from Jennings, it cannot match their follow up against LA.

Andre Iguodala — Behind The Back Maestro

Everyone will remember behind this back masterpiece:

But Mr. 60-50-50 has been dropping behind the back passes like Steve Nash would be if he was running pick and pops with Pau Gasol (wait…never mind).

As an almost diehard Warriors fan and an unapologetic Andre Iguodala fanboy it has been a monumental joy watching Iggy mesh perfectly with this Warriors team. It is fun to watch him do anything on the basketball court except shoot free throws. And even then, it is entertaining to try to figure out exactly where things are going awry at the line for one of the most underrated players in the NBA today.

Tony Allen Being Tony Allen

If you keep tabs on Tony Allen throughout an NBA season you are guaranteed to be thoroughly entertained. Between an unorthodox arsenal of finishing moves, a completely broken jump shot, spirited sideline antics that even Kent Bazemore does not match, and perhaps the most bizarre Twitter timeline in the NBA Allen will leave you amused in a number ways. And Allen — specifically Allen’s feet — are already in mid-season form. Last week when Memphis matched up with Oklahoma City Allen attempted to sweep kick Kevin Durant while he was on the ground and KD attempted to get up the court for a fast break (sorry could not find the video). That was only the tip of the iceberg however as Allen topped himself with one of the most insane NBA plays I have ever seen.

I have no words.

It’ Pronounced Zah-Vee-Ay

In between stealing Nick Young‘s starting spot, inexplicably taking 24 footers from everywhere but the corners (where, you know, they’re actually worth three points) and relenting that same starting spot to Jodie Meeks, Xavier Henry has given us a couple of good dunks so far, one of which may be an early front runner for dunk of the year.

Even with those amazing plays, though, the Lakers are still 5-7 with Steve Nash looking like the shell of a slightly younger shell that still has leg, back and “Sh**. I might actually have to play with Kobe again” problems. And there really is not a better place to finish off than with me basking in the Lakers misery. See you next week.

Next Week: “Struggling Showrunners” on John Wall, Derrick Rose and Kyrie Irving.

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