Charlotte Bobcats: 3 Surprising Statistics

The Charlotte Bobcats are now 10 games into their season and they are sitting right at where they started: zero games above .500. If you ask me, I’d mark that up as a win. For an organization that has struggled so much in recent years, winning half of your games will be a major improvement from years past. Through 10 games there have been some surprises in Charlotte.  Here are three trends that have helped the Bobcats stay in the playoff picture. Turning these trends into habits will be the key for them going forward. Without further ado, here they are:

 1. Ramon Sessions is 21st in the NBA in scoring per 48 minutes

The backup point guard has been scoring at a great clip, averaging 28.3 points per 48 minutes. To give you some perspective of that statistic; he ranks ahead of: Chris Paul, Chris Bosh, Rudy Gay, Tony Parker and Eric Bledsoe. Just ahead of him are Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving, scoring 28.4 and 28.5 points per 48 minutes respectively.  Additionally Sessions is getting to the foul line, averaging 6.2 free throws per game. His improved scoring ability is one of the reasons why the Bobcats are sitting happily at 5-5. His ability to maintain this production could be the difference maker for a Bobcats squad that struggles to put the ball in the hoop.

Ramon Sessions

Can Sessions win Sixth Man of the Year? ( photo/bwjcaptures)

2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is top 25 in the NBA in points per shot

There has been some chatter around the message boards that MKG is starting to develop into a bust. Forum rats have been posting about his lack of an offensive game to compliment his defensive abilities. Many have not been happy with his progress. If you look deep into the statistics, MKG has been improving. His field goal percentage is at 55 percent, up from his 46 percent rookie clip. Additionally he is tied for 23rf in points per shot, ahead of guys like Paul George and Kevin Martin. It might be time to let MKG be more aggressive.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

MKG is developing nicely under new coach Steve Clifford. ( photo)

3. Defense wins Championships

I think we can all agree that defense wins ball games. New coach Steve Clifford has installed that type of thinking early and often to his young squad. The Bobcat’s have been furious on the defense end through 10 games, ranking toward the top of the NBA in many categories. Charlotte is tied for eighth in opposing field goal percentage and seventh in blocked shots per game. They are also seventh in the NBA in allowing offensive rebounds. When it comes to defense, the most important statistic is points allowed per game; because in the end that is all that really matters, right? The Bobcats rank fourth in the NBA in points allowed. The three teams in front of them? Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and the Chicago Bulls.

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