Denver Nuggets: Predicting Their First 10 games

As a writer, this is the worst time of the year. Let’s be frank, no one cares that much about the preseason. I mean, it is fun watching some back of the end rotation guys get some minutes, but it makes for some boring television.  Only NBA geeks like me like watching these players play, but after two or three weeks of it even I have had enough.

Thank God that opening tipoff is less than a week away; I don’t think I can watch another game where Evan Fournier gets 30 minutes of playing time. To celebrate, I made predictions for the Denver Nuggets first 10 games. Alas, here they are:

Game 1: At the Sacramento Kings

Want to hear a shocking stat? Brian Shaw has yet to play his projected starting five of Wilson Chandler, Kenneth Faried, Ty Lawson, Randy Foye and JaVale McGee together this preseason. This doesn’t worry me too much, the Kings don’t have much to offer. I got the Nuggets winning this one 105-92.

Game 2: Portland Trail Blazers

The Nuggets went 3-1 against the Trail Blazers last year and I see that trend continuing, Nuggets 98, Blazers 94

Game 3: San Antonio Spurs

Denver went 2-2 against the defending Western Conference Champions. The Spurs are notorious for their hot starts and I see that trend continuing this year: Spurs 110, Nuggets 100

Game 4: Atlanta Hawks

Last game of three- game home stand. I think the Hawks are going to be one of the worst teams in the NBA this year because of the loss of Josh Smith. Nuggets 115, Hawks 95

Game 5: At the Phoenix Suns

I see the Nuggets slipping up in this game. Young team, young coach is a recipe for letdown. Plus, I can of like what the Suns are doing. I think Eric Bledsoe is going to cause problems and help lead Phoenix to a 104-88 victory.

Game 6: At the Utah Jazz

I can’t name one player on the Jazz that scares me. Personally, I’m picking them to last in the NBA. I think they’re better than the 76ers, but playing in the West will be a struggle. Can they land Jabari Parker in next year’s draft? He is Mormon and Utah is a Mormon state.  I see the Nuggets big men having a heyday: Nuggets 102, Jazz 91

Game 7: Los Angeles Lakers

I’m going assume Kobe is human and will not be back for this game. Lots of experts are picking the Lakers to not make the playoffs. A lot of it will depend on when Kobe gets back. I see them hovering around the 7/8/9 mark until the Black Mamba makes his debut. I also like the Steve Nash/Paul Gasol combo. I think those two will excel without Kobe. Lakers 108, Nuggets 96

Game 8: Minnesota Timberwolves

Is this the year the T’wolves get over the hump? I don’t think so. Outside of Rubio and Love their roster is mediocre at best. Derrick Williams has been a huge disappointment, but can he breakout in his third year? I don’t think so. Minnesota is a lottery player or two away from making the postseason. Nuggets 97, Wolves 88

Game 9: At Houston Rockets

I honestly don’t know what to make of the Rockets. Their lack of a power forward makes me hesitant to label them a top 3 team in the West. Why not trade Asik? Anyways, I see Howard causing way to many matchup problems for the Nuggets. Rockets 102, Nuggets 94

Game 10: At Oklahoma City Thunder

If Westbrook sits out this game, I have the Nuggets stealing a win. I hate a Durant led Thunder team-just look at last year’s playoffs. One of the big things that separates Lebron and Durant is their passing skills. If you take away Lebron’s shot, he can dish out 10-plus assists to make up for it. Durant on the other hand cannot at this point in his career. Nuggets 99, Thunder 97

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