New Orleans Pelicans: Should Eric Gordon Be Traded?

Eric Gordon is an interesting player to discuss, there is no doubt about that. But when it comes to Gordon, the question on whether or not he should be traded seems to always come up at some point. There are so many great things to Gordon’s game, but if he can’t stay healthy, his future with the New Orleans Pelicans is uncertain. Not only that, but he might be damaging the Pelicans’ possible bright future.

Pros Of Being Traded

Eric Gordon is one of the most injury-prone players in the league, it’s just that simple. Gordon is yet to play a complete season and that’s a major concern. In his 2008-09 season with the Los Angeles Clippers, Gordon played in 78 games, which is his highest yet, but from there, those numbers went down. In his 2009-10 season, he played in 62 games. In his last season with the Clippers in 2010-11, Eric played in 56 games. Then in 2011-12, Gordon played just nine games with the then-Hornets, the lowest of his career thus far. Finally, last season, he played 42 games. The 6’4″, 215-pound shooting guard has been in the league for five years now and he has always dealt with injury problems. Even this preseason, Gordon was not and still is not completely 100 percent. To me, that raises a red flag and I’m sure the Pelicans do not want to deal with this for many seasons ahead.

Cons Of Being Traded

While you definitely can’t deny Eric Gordon is extremely injury prone, Gordon is still just 24 years old, which means he could be a key piece for New Orleans’ long-term future. He has also shown us his great shooting abilities and potential. When healthy, Gordon is a very solid shooter. Last season, he averaged 17 points per game on .402 shooting from the field in 30.1 minutes per game. For his career, Gordon averaged 18 points per game on .443 shooting from the field and 34.8 minutes per game. But again, that all depends on if he is capable of staying healthy.

This is the year in which Eric Gordon must stay healthy. It’s a very tough situation. If he yet again struggles with injuries, then the Pelicans should heavily consider trading him for a healthier and more consistent shooter. If he does stay healthy, then there is a much greater chance he will be spending several more years in New Orleans and will make a big-time impact on the team.

Should Eric Gordon be traded? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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  • Michael Dunlap

    Feel like we’ve been talking about Gordon for a decade. Hard to believe he’s still just 24 years old.

  • Chris Reichert

    No way they trade him now – his value just isn’t high enough. If he stays healthy all season and they still miss the playoffs or get bounced 1st rd, THEN I think they trade him – when his value will be through the roof. Kid can play thats for sure.