Charlotte Bobcats: Kemba Walker 'Sick' Of Losing

New coach, new culture. New head coach Steve Clifford is trying to turn things around with the Charlotte Bobcats, which is no easy task. He knows that in order to develop the winning culture he envisions, it must start through the star player. That star player, Kemba Walker, seems to have embraced that role.

Walker, the former Big East and NCAA champion, is sick of losing.

“I’ve been losing for two years now,” Walker told the Charlotte Observer. “I’m sick of it.”

It’s still early, but it seems like Kemba has embraced his leadership role. This year, however, he doesn’t have to do it alone. The Bobcats made their first-ever big offseason signing by bringing in Al Jefferson. Jefferson didn’t come here just to get a paycheck, he seems to have the same mindset as Kemba.

“I told Kemba when I first signed that I’m not coming here to lose. I’m coming here to turn things around” Jefferson says.

It seems like the Bobcats are starting to get leaders and a direction for the franchise, but do they have enough talent on the roster? Jefferson sure helps fix that problem.

In 2012-13 the Bobcats ranked 27th in PPG, rebounds and 3-point percentage. They were also last in field-goal percentage. So, yeah, they were not that good. How does Jefferson help? Well, adding a 20/10 guy sure doesn’t hurt. Say what you want about his defensive game, but there is no denying that Jefferson has been an offensive juggernaut over the last three years.

2010-11 26 UTA .496 .761 9.7 1.8 0.6 1.9 1.3 2.9 18.7
2011-12 27 UTA .492 .774 10.1 2.3 0.8 1.8 1.1 2.7 20.3
2012-13 28 UTA .494 .770 10.1 2.3 1.1 1.2 1.5 2.4 19.4
Career     .500 .717 10.5 1.7 0.8 1.6 1.7 3.2 19.3
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I mean, just look at those numbers! I don’t even know where to start. How about that fact that he is shooting nearly 50 percent from the field? Or the fact that he has been hitting about 77 percent of his free throws since 2010–which is a very respectable number for a center. Big Al has been very underrated over the last couple of years. Can Jefferson replicate these numbers in Charlotte? I don’t see why not. Playing in the Eastern Conference will make things a whole lot easier for him. What will Jefferson’s role be in Clifford’s offense? Can he and Walker develop chemistry? That’s something to keep an eye on as preseason ball rolls around the corner.
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