Cleveland Cavaliers: 5 Things To Watch In 2013-14

The race for the lower seeds in the Eastern Conference playoffs is actually going to be interesting for once. After years of the Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks fighting each other to try and miss the playoffs, there are now multiple teams vying to improve themselves and make a mark in the postseason. The Cleveland Cavaliers, Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons are just three of the teams looking to do so.

So the Cavs season will definitely be one worth watching. Kyrie Irving and Co. will be looking to really arrive in the NBA and here are the five things to watch about the Cleveland franchise this season.

Kyrie Irving

It’s time for Irving to improve his defense. Photo Credit: Erik Daniel Drost (

Will Kyrie Irving Start To Play Defense?

There’s no doubting Kyrie Irving’s amazing offensive ability. The former Duke Blue Devil has one of the best handles in the league and has a smooth shooting stroke. He won the 3-point challenge last season and could probably win the skills challenge if he wanted to. However, the one knock on his game is his defense. Simply put: He doesn’t play defense. Synergy ranked him as the worst defender in the league less than a year ago. This needs to change and it could with Mike Brown as coach. Irving’s clutch heroics and exciting offensive repertoire will be great to watch, but whether or not he develops on the defensive end of the floor will be more important to the Cavs’ overall success.

Where Does Anthony Bennett Fit?

Lost in the Cavs crazy offseason: They actually had the No.1 overall pick. The forward from UNLV might just be the most under-the-radar No. 1 pick in history. Bennett was a very good player in college, but you have to ask the question: Did they need him with Tristan Thompson on the books? I don’t think so. Bennett will probably end up being a nice part of the second unit, serving as a pick-and-pop option with Sixth Man of the Year candidate Jarrett Jack.

Can They Stay Healthy?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have all the pieces to do some damage this season. In Anderson Varejao and Andrew Bynum, they have two top-class centers. The only question with their frontcourt is health. Andrew Bynum hasn’t played basketball for 10 years. Roughly.

In all seriousness, Kyrie Irving’s health is also key for the Cavs. He had a plethora of injuries last season and missed 23 games. The season before he missed 31. For the Cavs to really play well this season, he needs to play at least 70.

Andrew Bynum’s Hair Updates

I referred to Andrew Bynum’s health in the last point, but I’ll be honest: I don’t think he plays more than 10 games next season. So, for that reason, his hair updates will be a thing once again. Last year, we saw many different styles from the big man. His extended time off the court gives him the time to really conjure up some creative ideas for his hair. Let’s see what AB comes with in 2013-14.

LeBron James-Best of Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs have not made the playoffs since the days of LeBron James. ( Allison)

Do They Make The Playoffs?

The Cavs have not the made the playoffs since LeBron James left. Will this be the year that the hex ends? Maybe. Whether they make the playoffs or not, the Cleveland Cavaliers will definitely be a team worth watching. In a year with a lot of teams tanking, the Cavs will be one really looking to max out their talents — and that’s always fun to watch.

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