Philadelphia 76ers: Five Things To Watch in 2013-14

If you didn’t already know: The Philadelphia 76ers are going to be terrible in 2013-14. New general manager Sam Hinkie traded away Jrue Holiday and started the rebuild of the Sixers. The team currently assembled will struggle to win 15 games. It’s that bad. There will be games where the 76ers will struggle to score 70 points.

Even with that being said, there are a few reasons to watch Philly next season. Here’s the five that come to mind.

Can Michael Carter-Williams replace Jrue Holiday? AP Photo/Nick Wass, File

Can Michael Carter-Williams replace Jrue Holiday?
AP Photo/Nick Wass, File

Can Michael Carter-Williams Cut It?

Once the Sixers traded away Jrue Holiday, they were in desperate need of a point guard. Then, Trey Burke and CJ McCollum were taken in the first ten picks – leaving the Sixers with two viable point guard options in the draft: Michael Carter-Williams and Dennis Schroeder. Hinkie went with the former.

It will be interesting to see just how MCW’s game translates to the pros. A 6’6’’ point guard with superb athleticism, Carter-Williams has the intangibles to succeed. The only knock on him is his jumpshot. Having said that, the mechanics look solid. Sam Hinkie went back and looked at his high school footage and felt comfortable enough taking the former Syracuse guard over the German-born Schroeder. If he’s good enough for The Hink, he’s good enough for me.

Who Will Benefit From Their Trade Deadline Clearout?

The Sixers want to be bad. Really bad. And they still have some good players on the roster. I’m looking at Thaddeus Young in particular. Hinkie will be looking to move the forward and someone will be able to get a good deal.

Could a team like the Rockets really benefit from the Sixers position by taking Young off them? Or perhaps a team like the Thunder could use Young’s energy off the bench? Whoever picks up Young – if anyone – will get a fantastic player at a small price.

Gerald Henderson

Will the 76ers be Bobcat-bad? photo by B. Wendell Jones

Will They Be Historically Bad?

The Philadelphia 76ers have had bad seasons before. In fact, in 1973, they recorded the worst 82-game season of all time as they went 9-73. Could it be worse than that? It just might well be. With little-to-no players that can actually shoot the basketball (Jason Richardson is out for the season), where are the points actually going to come from? I’m asking because I don’t know myself. Unless Evan Turner puts it together and turns into the player that we saw in his days in college, double figure wins could be a struggle (editors note: I’m rooting for this.).

What Style of play will Brett Brown run?

Sam Hinkie pulled off a real coup with the appointment of Brett Brown. Brown is one of the disciples of Gregg Popovich. For that reason alone, it will be interesting to see how the 76ers play next season. Will they incorporate any sets from the San Antonio Spurs? After all, Spencer Hawes is BASICALLY Tim Duncan.

Do The Fans Show Up?

Philadelphia sports fans are not known for bigger pictures or patience, so the Sixers plan to give up this season and focus on the NBA Draft may not go down well. Last season, the Sixers had the 22nd most full home arena. Where will this fall to? 30th? Probably. Let’s just hope that if Philly lands Andrew Wiggins, the fans will come flocking back.

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