Los Angeles Clippers:The Blake Griffin And DeAndre Jordan Show

Whether you’re a lawyer, a janitor or even a student, life may get pretty stressful and you need to blow off some steam. For an NBA player, despite living the extravagant lifestyle and basking in the fame, it’s no different either. With all the games, constant travel and practices all squeezed in there, it may get overwhelming at times.

Los Angeles ClippersFor the Los Angeles Clippers, they are now striving for NBA supremacy and as such, they will be keeping busy–but hopefully still giving us plenty of highlight reel material deep into the playoffs–this season. Although, having said that, Lob City tend to deliver both on- and off-the-court entertainment gold. Let’s have a look at some of the antics.

Note: Although this is generally about the whole team, the majority of these videos are instigated by DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin so you are going to be seeing them A LOT, thus the title.

The Interview

On the court, he soars up into rafters and dunks on people. But off it, Blake Griffin is a man of many talents from being a reporter. I’m sure ESPN are making a note of this.

Best Friends Forever Forever Forever

As teammates, it’s very important to know your fellow players fairly well or at least to the point where you can predict what the other is going to do.

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan on the other hand, have taken it to another–slightly worrying–level as they prove they know each other ridiculously well. It’s almost as if they are twins.

Plenty of tricks up my sleeve

So you’re hanging around with your buddies shooting some hoops in the backyard and suddenly, a game of H-O-R-S-E- breaks out.

If you’re anything like me, you’re stumped and don’t have that many creative ideas on what shots to try. Well suffer no more, Blake Griffin and DJ are here to help.

I would also like to add that DeAndre has the voice of an angel.

“Got ‘em”

Neither being a deep sleeper nor the first to fall as asleep while your friends are around is ever a good thing as it will inevitably have consequences. Apparently the same goes for NBA players too.

At one point, the craze among the Los Angeles Clippers was “Got ‘em,” whereby the player (and coaches and pretty much anyone) who fell asleep, had their photograph taken while in snooze-ville. That snapshot would then be sent online through Twitter for the victim’s followers (and indeed the rest of the world) to see.

Safe to say, some of them aren’t so pretty.

Fake Blake

He is 6’10”, 250 pounds, jumps like he’s on a pogo stick and is a just a highlight reel waiting to happen. So now the question is, how do you even begin to impersonate such a creature?

This is as close Norm McDonald came.

The “Blake Face”

I’ve repeatedly emphasized the importance of chemistry in basketball, and more so than any other position in the sport, the point guard is required to be in tune with every player in order to facilitate the offense.

Chris Paul and Griffin, have built that chemistry to rival any other tandem out there and that has led to some truly spectacular highlights. Along with the help of CP Junior, the duo reveals and explains their secret – The “Blake Face.”

There’s no better way to build chemistry and a sense of camaraderie with your fellow teammates than making a fool of yourself for the world to see. Courtesy of LACTV, here are the Los Angeles Clippers’ bloopers.

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