Denver Nuggets: Should They Sign Nate Robinson?

In a potential move that can add another athletic dimension in the backcourt, the Denver Nuggets are reportedly interested in signing guard Nate Robinson.

Robinson, fresh off the best postseason performance of his career with the Chicago Bulls, is looking for some financial security after a season on the veteran’s minimum. With Derrick Rose out, Nate stepped up and averaged 16.3 points per game in 33.7 minutes in the playoffs, both increases from his regular season numbers.

It’s no question that Robinson brings enough to the table to provide stability at the point guard position. With this possible signing, Denver may be looking to stock up on backcourt talent or it could be a sign of another move to come in this summer of big changes.

If Denver does sign Robinson, that means another point guard in the backcourt will have to be addressed. No, not Ty Lawson. Andre Miller.

As big of an asset as he was in the playoffs, based on the moves made by the team this summer, it may be time for Miller to move on from Denver. The 37-year-old veteran still hasn’t won a championship and it doesn’t look like one will come to Denver any time soon.

Andre Miller

Is Andre Miller fine with playing for a middle seed or should he be traded to a contending team?

Miller is still a serviceable point guard who can be a key part of a rotation, but the Nuggets can benefit from trading him. He should be able to get the team a solid backup to JaVale McGee, which is currently the biggest hole in the roster.

At 29 years old and his prime, Robinson can be the athletic scoring spark Denver may need when Lawson is on the bench, which makes Miller expendable. While Nate averaged the most points and minutes since 2009, there is some uncertainty as to whether he can keep up that production.

Robinson’s averages last season were with a Bulls team that was needed scoring from everyone, since Rose was out for the season. He was also playing on a contract year, which means the big payday he may get was the main motivation to improve for the season.

The backcourt at the moment:

SG: Evan Fournier/Randy Foye/Erick Green (unsigned)
PG: Ty Lawson/Andre Miller

While Miller is better than Robinson at running the floor and setting up plays, replacing him with Nate wouldn’t make a noticeable drop off in talent. Playing for Denver may actually help Nate since there are plenty of scoring options on the team, he won’t be expected to carry as big of a load as he did in Chicago.

Among the changes that the Nuggets have gone through this summer, the benefit is clear in this move. If they want to continue fighting in the playoffs, where Nate shined the most last season, signing Robinson and trading for another key reserve is the best way to go.

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