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NBA Free Agency: Where Is Andrew Bynum Going to End Up?

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum is an injury risk, but remains a talented center who is only 25 years old. (Photo Credit/Guitarzero/

Andrew Bynum’s move to the Philadelphia 76ers last season was meant to be the start of a new beginning for the 7-footer. Many were touting him as the best offensive center in the NBA not long ago, but he quickly turned into the laughing stock of the entire league with a string of immature decisions. The most notable of these was his decision to go bowling not long after his knee surgery. Alas, Bynum is a free agent at the moment and it seems as if Philly will be staying well clear of the injury-prone center. 

Who’s going to take the risk on a former All-Star?

Dallas Mavericks

Should the Dallas Mavericks miss out on Dwight Howard — which it looks like they will — expect them to be pursuing Andrew Bynum. They have a need for success now, with Dirk Nowitzki’s title window closing year-by-year. An inside-out combination of Bynum and Dirk in the frontcourt is one that would immediately be one of the West’s best. This is all presuming Bynum can stay healthy.

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are another team in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. Should they miss out on D12, Bynum could be the player to reinvigorate the stagnating Hawks. The Hawks have a lot of cap room, so they could afford Bynum and another top-level player. However, it may just be too much of a gamble given Bynum’s knees. 

Cleveland Cavaliers

With Cleveland’s need to make the playoffs, signing a game-changer like Bynum could really push them back into prominence in the Eastern Conference. They can afford to take a risk here, a one-year nearish-max deal with team options could be a shrewd move. It’s a risk, but one that could pay dividends.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Andrew Bynum has a lot of risk surrounding him. Whatever team decides to take him will have the eyes of the nation on them, much like Philadelphia did last season. If I had to suggest where he’ll go, I’d say Dallas. However, it looks so hard to predict. Especially since he is not going to work out for anyone during the free agency period.

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