NBA Draft 2013: Mock Draft - Final

The 2013 NBA draft is just days away and will signal the start of a pivotal offseason for a number of NBA franchises. While the 2013 draft has long been regarded as a weak class, there is solid depth throughout the first round and a number of the top prospects have All-Star potential if they find the right situation. While there may not be a franchise-changing star on the board, that does not mean that a team cannot turn their franchise around with the right moves on draft day. Here, we have a quick breakdown of each player and notes on each team in the first round as well as a full two-round prediction. Please note that while a great deal of research can be put in to the performances of draft prospects and rumors coming out in the media, all it takes is one trade or surprise selection on draft day to throw things into complete chaos. Not one to tear down a prospect before he has a chance to prove himself, the player notes are intentionally positive, let’s give these guys a chance to show their talents in the NBA before we write this draft class off completely. The second-round predictions can only be made on who currently owns the pick, but traditionally it is next to impossible to guess due to the sheer amount of moves made on draft day.

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Here it is, the final 2013 Hoops Habit Mock Draft! Appreciate any feedback in the comments section and stay tuned for ongoing coverage of the 2013 NBA Draft.

2013 NBA Draft

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1. Cleveland Cavaliers – Nerlens Noel, PF/C

6’11”, 216 lbs, Kentucky, Freshman

The Player: Nerlens Noel is a tremendously gifted athlete for a man his size, with great speed, jumping ability and quick hands. He has great defensive instincts, is an elite shot blocker but also puts in the effort to pressure out to the perimeter and cause turnovers. He moves so well and has such a high activity level that despite his thin frame likely stopping him from being a traditional defensive anchor in the paint, he can impact the game in a number of ways. While he is limited offensively to finishing lobs, put backs or the occasional hook shot, he puts in enough effort to become a positive contributor on that end and with youth on his side has time to develop more range and versatility on offense. There are concerns over his return from an ACL injury and his light weight frame but Noel remains the top prospect in a draft that is light on top end talent.

The Team: With rumors swirling that the Cavaliers have high interest in both Alex Len and Otto Porter, there is a chance we could see a shock No.1 selection on draft night. If they wanted to, there is the possibility they could trade down in order to land one of the above players while adding additional pieces to an already impressive young core. Realistically, Noel remains the best prospect in the draft and he would be a solid fit alongside a star young back court in Cleveland. With Anderson Varajao currently holding down the starting job, Noel would have the opportunity to come back slowly from injury, learn from experienced front court players and take over once he’s had a chance to adjust to the NBA.

2.      Orlando Magic – Ben McLemore, SG

6’4”, 195lbs, Kansas, Freshman

The Player: Ben McLemore is an elite athlete with tremendous leaping ability that mixes high flying finishes with a pure shooting stroke. He has fantastic mechanics on his jump shot and has range out to the NBA three point line. He has the size, length and skillset to be an elite shooting guard if he manages to reach his potential. Some have been less than impressed with his recent workouts and there are concerns over his inconsistency and effort level but his raw talent is undeniable.

The Team: The Magic have done an admirable job acquiring young talent since the trade of Dwight Howard a season ago and will add another important piece with this pick. While they could add their point guard of the future in Trey Burke, the opportunity to add a player with McLemore’s potential upside will likely be too much to resist for the Magic on draft night. McLemore has the raw talent to be a star and if he reaches his potential he could be the scoring option that the Magic need to fill out their roster.

3.      Washington Wizards – Otto Porter, SF

6’8”, 205lbs, Georgetown, Sophomore

The Player: Otto Porter is perhaps the lowest risk prospect in the entire draft with a versatile, two way game and a great motor to compliment an impressive skill set. Porter has the length and puts in the effort to be a tremendous defender at the NBA level and will be a solid rebounder from the small forward position. He is a great athlete who is fast in transition and finishes well on the break. With an improving jump shot and a willingness to accept any role, Porter could be a valuable contributor as early as his rookie season.

The Team: Once John Wall returned from injury last season the Wizards were impressive and looked every bit a playoff contender in the East. With good fortune on lottery night they were gifted a third pick in the draft and will likely select a young front court player to compliment a solidified starting back court. Porter fits perfectly with the speed and passing ability of point guard John Wall and will adjust to any role the team needs from him. He will improve the perimeter defense of the team, help an ageing front court on the boards and will complement the running style of the Wizards offensively.

4.      Charlotte Bobcats – Anthony Bennett, SF/PF

6’7”, 240lbs, UNLV, Freshman

The Player: Anthony Bennett is one of the most polarizing players in the entire draft. While he has undeniable skills and a gifted offensive repertoire for a man his size, he also comes with concerns over his natural position and ability to adjust to the size of NBA front courts. Bennett is an explosive athlete around the rim with vicious finishing ability but also has great range on his jump shot. He is a natural scorer and a solid rebounder but needs to increase his effort level defensively where he can often be a liability.

The Team: In a draft with no sure fire stars and with potentially the weakest roster in the entire league, the Bobcats are in a position to swing for the fences on Bennett’s immense offensive potential and hope he can overcome the concerns over his “tweener” forward status. While they have continued to add nice young pieces to their core, the Bobcats need a consistent scoring threat up front and Bennett could fit the mold. Big man Alex Len would be another suitable pick for the Bobcats with similar upside.

5.      Phoenix Suns – Alex Len, C

7’1”, 255lbs, Maryland, Sophomore

The Player: Simply put, Alex Len is an imposing physical specimen with tremendous size and strength for the NBA center position and is garnering real consideration for the No.1 selection. Not just a big body, Len is extremely mobile for a man his size, he has great leaping ability and runs the floor extremely well. He has a solid two way game, with a solid array of back to the basket moves and the athletic ability to finish inside he is a solid post option offensively. Defensively he has the size and length to be a game changer, he is a strong rebounder and should be a solid shot blocker. Some concerns over injury and a lack of any range offensively may prevent him from going top 3, but he is one of the best prospects in the draft.

The Team: The Suns are in desperate need of a young star to rebuild their team around as they begin the long road back to the playoffs. Other than point guard Goran Dragic, the roster is wide open and they will select the best player available to them on draft night. Len has the highest upside of any player left on the board and could be the big man that the Suns could build their team around.

6.      New Orleans Pelicans – Trey Burke, PG

6’0”, 190lbs, Michigan, Sophomore

The Player: One of the stars of this season in the NCAA, Trey Burke led his Michigan Wolverines all the way to the championship game and hit countless clutch shots along the way. Burke is a natural leader that plays with a wonderful mix of aggressiveness and control offensively. While he is a true point guard with great handles and the ability to create shots for his teammates, he also has great individual scoring ability and extremely deep range on his three point shot. There are some question marks over his size and speed as an NBA point guard but it’s hard to picture a guard with his attitude and skillset not being successful.

The Team: The Pelicans found their franchise cornerstone last season with No.1 pick Anthony Davis and will now turn their attention to building their team around their star young big man. Trey Burke would provide the Pelicans with a leader at the point guard position to grow and develop alongside Davis as they construct the rest of the roster around this impressive duo. If the team has more faith in young Austin Rivers they may be tempted to selected defensive wing Victor Oladipo here, but pairing Burke and Davis seems ideal going forward.

7.      Sacramento Kings – Victor Oladipo, SG

6’4”, 215lbs, Indiana, Junior

The Player: A gifted wing defender with great length and impressive athletic ability, Victor Oladipo will immediately make an impact in the NBA with his aggressive and versatile defensive minded game. Not just a one trick pony, Oladipo has shown promise on the offensive end with great finishing ability on the break and an improving shooting stroke. An experienced college performer with a high motor, Oladipo has the ability to set the tone for his team and lead by example, he has the potential to become one of the best perimeter defenders in the league.

The Team: The Kings have just solidified their foundation in Sacramento and now look to turn around the identity and success of the franchise. The team has had troubles in recent years with the attitude of its players and a lack of maturity has led to disappointing results, Oladipo is exactly the kind of player the Kings need to try and change the mindset of the team and focus on becoming a hardworking, defensive young squad. Having the seventh pick, they will likely pick whichever of the top seven players listed drops to them as they are clearly the top tier in the draft.

8.      Detroit Pistons – C.J. McCollum, PG/SG

6’3”, 190lbs, Lehigh, Senior

The Player: One of the most gifted pure scorers in college basketball, C.J.McCollum had his senior year cut short by injury but has shown enough in his four year college career to prove he is worth a top ten selection in the draft. McCollum is a prolific jump shooter, capable of knocking down shots from deep into three point territory, while his ability to create off the dribble gets him into the lane where he can pull up or drive hard to the basket. Undersized for the shooting guard position, McCollum will need to improve his ball handling and especially his passing ability if he hopes to become more than a scoring combo guard off the bench in the NBA.

The Team: The Pistons have solidified one of the great young front courts in the NBA and will look to add perimeter scoring this offseason. McCollum is the best scorer available in the draft and despite concerns over his size and true position the Pistons may gamble on his natural abilities overcoming any physical concerns. Alternatively the Pistons may take a chance on Shabazz Muhammad or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

9.      Minnesota Timberwolves – Shabazz Muhammad, SF

6’6”, 225lbs, UCLA, Freshman

The Player: Coming out of high school, Shabazz Muhammad was widely regarded as a top level prospect and a potential No.1 selection in the NBA draft. After an inconsistent season in the NCAA and the revelation he is a year older than originally reported, Muhammad has seen his stock drastically drop amid concerns about his attitude. Shabazz is a unique prospect in this draft however as he is one of the few players in the class with the potential to become a go-to scorer in the NBA. He is an aggressive scorer with great physical tools and an attacking attitude offensively.

The Team: The Timberwolves have been lacking a reliable scorer on the wings for a number of years and desperately need an attacking option between point guard Ricky Rubio and big man Kevin Love. If Muhammad can live up to his high school potential he could be the perfect pick for the Timberwolves.

10.  Portland Trail Blazers – Steven Adams, C

7’0”, 250lbs, Pittsburgh, Freshman

The Player: Steven Adams has been all over draft boards since he surprisingly entered his name into the 2013 NBA draft. He has impressed in workouts and is physically ready for the NBA but is still an extremely raw prospect. He has tremendous size, length and strength for the center position and has great touch around the basket. He has the potential to be a force on the defensive end, blocking shots and cleaning the defensive glass. Offensively he is still developing, he has good hands around the basket and is extremely mobile but will need to expand his arsenal and continue to extend his shooting range. A high risk, high reward type pick for any team in the lottery.

The Team: The Trail Blazers have done a great job in recent years rebuilding the team after a disastrous  run of injuries had set them back. They have found three cornerstones including an All-Star big man and last year’s rookie of the year Damian Lillard. The team is searching for a defensive big man to pair with Lamarcus Aldridge in the front court and while he may not contribute immediately Adams fits the mould perfectly. Other big men like Gobert, Olynyk or Zeller could be in play here.

11.  Philadelphia 76ers – Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG

6’5”, 205lbs, Georgia, Sophomore

The Player: A potent outside scorer with deep range, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has recently risen up the boards and seems a lock to go in the lottery on draft night. The three point shot is Caldwell-Pope’s bread and butter, he takes a huge number of shots from deep and converts with solid efficiency. He is a natural scorer who can effortlessly put up points, he lacks the speed to break down opponents and get to the rim with regularity but his catch and shoot ability as well as his proficiency in the pick and roll will ensure he finds a role as a scorer in the NBA.

The Team: The 76ers are a defensive minded, running team that has lacked a reliable outside scoring threat for a number of seasons. Caldwell-Pope has the size, the deep shooting stroke and scoring ability to compliment the rest of the 76ers young roster.

12.  Oklahoma City Thunder (via Toronto) – Cody Zeller, PF/C

6’11”, 240lbs, Indiana, Sophomore

The Player: Cody Zeller is one of the most polished big men available in the draft. He has a high basketball IQ, is a great athlete and has a versatile skillset that made him one of the most dominant players in the NCAA.  For a player his size he moves exceptionally well down the court, has great jumping ability and good touch around the basket. He has a solid mid-range jumper, is fundamentally sound in the post on both ends of the floor and boxes out well for rebounds. Concerns over his ability to deal with the length of NBA front courts and impose his will on a game will likely see him fall out of the top ten.

The Team: The Oklahoma City Thunder will be among the championship favorites next season and will look to add another young star to an already imposing roster. The team is looking to find a long term replacement for Kendrick Perkins at center and Zeller could provide them with both a short and long term compliment to their All-Star core. Almost certain the Thunder will draft a big man here.

13.  Dallas Mavericks – Michael Carter-Williams, PG

6’6”, 185lbs, Syracuse, Sophomore

The Player: With the pass first style of a point guard in a 6’6” frame, Michael Carter-Williams is a unique prospect who shows high potential. His length and size makes him a pest on defense where he pressures the ball and gets into the passing lanes, while his height will allow him to switch onto wing players at times. His true potential comes on the offensive end where he is a gifted passer and is focussed on setting up teammates for open looks. Capable of running a controlled offense or making the flashy long range pass, Carter-Williams will also look to score himself giving him a great platform to become an NBA point guard.

The Team: It is highly likely that the Mavericks look to move this pick on draft night to either move down or out of the first round. There are reports that teams could look to move up in order to secure Greek forward Giannis Adetokunbo with this pick. If the Mavs keep it, they could find a long term primary ball handler for a team short in the back court, Carter-Williams appears to be the best of the remaining point guard crop.

14.  Utah Jazz – Dennis Schroeder, PG

6’2”, 170lbs, Germany

The Player: With all the physical tools you could want in a modern day NBA point guard, Dennis Schroeder has the speed, size and length to become a sensational player if his skills can catch up. He is however a highly talented player, with a great handle, high level passing ability and is a good shooter from deep. His speed and length give him tremendous defensive potential, he can put great pressure on opposing ball handlers and plays the passing lanes well. We will see how he adjusts to moving to the US and the NBA game, he can also at times be carefree with the basketball which he will have to fix but he has immense potential if he continues to develop.

The Team: The Utah Jazz have done a great job rebuilding and have solidified a young front court that they will continue to build the team around. They will use the draft to find a guard to join their young big men and develop alongside them as the team continues to grow. Schroeder is an experienced international competitor with a pass first game and defensive potential, he would fit well with the existing pieces in Utah. Shane Larkin or Carter-Williams will be considered at this pick as well.

15.  Milwaukee Bucks – Shane Larkin, PG

5’11”, 165lbs, Miami, Sophomore

The Player: An undersized, super athletic point guard with a competitive attitude and solid skillset, Shane Larkin has improved his stock greatly since the draft combine and looks to be a surprising selection in the lottery. Larkin is a solid playmaker, is a blur on the fast break and is more than capable of putting up points himself. Not just a fast break player, Larkin is great in the pick and roll where he should continue to improve playing alongside NBA calibre big men. There will still be concerns over his size and ability to handle the strength of NBA guards but Larkin has the skills to contribute in the NBA.

The Team: The Bucks, much like the Jazz have found a number of talented young big men over the past few seasons and now turn their attention to finding long term solutions in the back court. All of their major contributors in the back court from this season are free agents and it appears likely that the Bucks may move ahead without most, if not all of their existing guards. They will take the best back court player available with this pick, whether it is a point or shooting guard.

16.  Boston Celtics – Giannis Adetokunbo, SF

6’9”, 205lbs, Greece

The Player: Giannis Adetokunbo could be the most interesting player in this entire draft class. At 6’9″ with great length he has perfect size and mobility to play the small forward position, but he mixes his great physical tools with a unique skillset for a man his size. Adetokunbo is more than capable of handling the ball and is a gifted passer for a forward, which will raise some question marks over how to play him in the NBA. Besides his versatility offensively, he has outstanding potential as a defender with his mobility, length and willingness to exert himself on the defensive end. Extremely raw, it could take him years to develop but he has one of the highest potential upsides of anyone in the draft.

The Team: With the Celtics trading away coach Doc Rivers, the team has signalled it is going into full rebuilding mode and will likely select the best player available regardless of position to kick start the process. While Adetokunbo may not contribute for a number of seasons, that won’t deter the Celtics and his long term potential could be worth the risk. Alternatively they will look at high potential big men such as Steven Adams or Rudy Gobert.

17.  Atlanta Hawks – Kelly Olynyk, PF/C

7’0”, 240lbs, Gonzaga, Junior

The Player: Possibly college basketball’s most outstanding performer last season, Kelly Olynyk is a gifted offensive big man with an array of post moves, the ability to put the ball on the floor and can extend his jump shot out to mid-range. While his offensive skillset should allow him to find a place in the league it is the question marks over his ability to defend NBA calibre athletes with his own athletic limitations that will dictate how successful he is at the next level.

The Team: The Hawks have huge question marks coming into the off-season and we are yet to see which direction they will take. This deep in the draft, Olynyk is the best player available and regardless of what other moves the Hawks make, he should be able to contribute immediately and hopefully continue to develop.

18.  Atlanta Hawks (via Houston) – Rudy Gobert, C

7’1”, 230lbs, France

The Player: With some of the most outstanding measurements ever seen at the draft combine, Rudy Gobert has one thing over the rest of this draft class and that is size. The 7’1” Gobert has a 7’9” wingspan and can almost reach the rim without leaving the floor, his immense size makes him a force inside defending the paint and can easily finish lobs in the paint. He is extremely raw at this stage but does seem to have a good natural feel for the game so if he puts in work he could become one of the better players in the draft. We have however, seen countless seven foot internationals flame out of the league quickly so teams will be taking a risk that Gobert is one of the rare few that pan out.

The Team: With two picks back to back, the Hawks can afford to take a chance on a player with the upside of Gobert. If he could develop into a rim protector and finisher inside he could mesh well with Al Horford who the team wants to move to power forward and the aforementioned Olynyk.

19.  Cleveland Cavaliers (via L.A. Lakers) – Sergey Karasev, SF

6’7”, 205lbs, Russia

The Player: A Sharpshooting, high IQ swingman out of Russia, Sergey Karasev is getting a lot of attention leading up to the draft and teams are considering moving up to select him. Karasev is a knock down shooter from outside, is a willing passer and is fundamentally sound on both ends. Seemingly an ideal candidate to become a high level role player, Karasev has a great offensive skillset, he will just need to find a way to not become a liability defensively against the athletes on the wings in the NBA.

The Team: With a sensational young core to build around the Cavaliers are looking for high level role players to fill out their roster and grow with their stars. The team is said to be so high on Karasev they will consider moving up from the 19th pick to ensure they get their man.

20.  Chicago Bulls – Mason Plumlee, PF

6’11”, 240lbs, Duke, Senior

The Player: A high energy, enthusiastic big man with great experience and leadership qualities, Mason Plumlee may never become a star but will likely find a way to contribute in the NBA. While he is limited offensively, Plumlee is extremely active and will find a way to rack up garbage buckets off the offensive glass or feeding off the play of his guards. While he may not be elite in any area, Plumee is has a good understanding of the game, puts in work on both ends and should at least find a role as an active rebounder and hustle player.

The Team: With the return of Derrick Rose, the Bulls will look to make a deep playoff run and compete for an NBA title. While it is unlikely any rookie will give them significant contributions, Plumlee’s activity level and relentless work on both ends could provide some energy and insurance for the Bulls.

21.  Utah Jazz (via Golden State) – Gorgui Dieng, C

6’10”, 245lbs, Louisville, Junior

The Player: The defensive rock at the core of Louisville’s NCAA championship, Gorgui Dieng continues to grow as a player but already shows the makings of a great defensive contributor in the NBA. Dieng has great defensive instincts, holding down the paint, blocking shots and works hard on the defensive glass. While he is no force offensively he continues to work on that end of the floor and can already convert easy looks that his guards get him. Dieng is the kind of defensive big man you could easily see carving out a long term career in the NBA.

The Team: If the Jazz decide to part ways with their veteran big men and allow the young studs to take over starting duties in the front court they will need depth on the bench and could find a cheap option late in the first round. Dieng is an experienced player who should be able to play a role immediately while allowing his teammates to take on the scoring load. They will however have a number of options on the board and may be dictated by who they select earlier in the draft.

22.  Brooklyn Nets – Lucas Nogueira, C

6’11”, 215lbs, Brazil

The Player: An extremely athletic and mobile big man, Lucas Nogueira has recently seen his stock rise and is now a lock to be selected in the first round. While he is still extremely raw and will need to put on significant muscle to battle with the big men in the NBA, his speed and agility for a man his size are rare. He is as fast as anyone else on the court in transition which will get him open looks offensively but also ensure he is back to protect the paint on D. There is a lot of work to be done in order to raise his skill level enough to be a significant contributor in the NBA but his raw physical talents give him a wonderful canvas to work on.

The Team: The Nets have a veteran roster and will look to improve on their disappointing showing in this season’s playoffs. Nogueira would give them a project to work on long term while the team looks to add veterans in order to improve its chances in the postseason. With a late pick, Nogueira offers a potential high reward for any team that is patient enough to wait for his development.

23.  Indiana Pacers – Tim Hardaway Jr., SG

6’6”, 205lbs, Michigan, Junior

The Player: Tim Hardaway Jr. was the vocal leader for a Michigan team that went all the way to the NCAA championship game and displayed a range of skills to compliment his aggressive, competitive demeanour. With the ability to shoot from deep and create his own shot, Hardaway has surprising control with the ball in hand and would at times run the point while Trey Burke was on the bench. He is not an elite athlete which will limit his ability to get into the paint or defend the league’s great wing players, but with an NBA heritage, professional skillset and determined attitude, Hardaway should find a way to succeed.

The Team: One of the league’s most impressive young teams, the Pacers battled for seven games with the eventual NBA champions in the Eastern Conference Finals and will look to take the next step sooner rather than later. With a lack of guard depth, Hardaway could provide the Pacers an instant contributor off the bench behind Lance Stephenson and his gritty attitude would fit perfectly with the hardnosed Pacers.

24.  New York Knicks – Jeff Withey, C

7’0”, 235lbs, Kansas, Senior

The Player: An experienced, high character big man with elite shot blocking ability, Jeff Withey is a low risk selection who will likely find a role in the league sooner rather than later. While his upside is limited, Withey is a paint protecter, a solid rebounder and has enough offensive ability to finish open looks when they are created for him. He has great length and timing, his ability to rebound the ball and block shots should translate to the NBA and allow him to become a valuable role player.

The Team: The Knicks fielded the oldest team in the NBA last season and relied on significant contributions from a midseason, veteran pick up in Kenyon Martin to help a depleted front court. With question marks over Amare Stoudemire’s ability to contribute and whether Martin will return for the same bargain price, selecting Withey could give the team an instant rim protecting big off the bench behind All-Star Tyson Chandler.

25.  Los Angeles Clippers – Reggie Bullock, SG/SF

6’7”, 200lbs, North Carolina, Junior

The Player: With a game and a skillset tailor made to be an elite role player in the NBA, Reggie Bullock possesses a wonderful mix of off the ball movement, outside shooting and defensive potential that has been at the core of many of the NBA’s great wing role players. While his ability to handle the ball limits his offensive arsenal, he is a pure shooter who will benefit greatly from playing off NBA point guards and with less responsibility should be able to improve his inconsistent defense.

The Team: The Clippers have a wonderful, talented and athletic core and they have just added one of the league’s best coaches in Doc Rivers. With Grant Hill’s retirement and questions over the return of Matt Barnes, there is a lack of depth at the small forward position for the Clippers and Bullock could be an option to help fill the void. Playing alongside Chris Paul would be perfect for the sweet shooting, athletic Bullock.

26.  Minnesota Timberwolves (via Memphis) – Jamaal Franklin, SG

6’5”, 205lbs, San Diego State, Junior

The Player: An explosive athlete with a wonderful motor and activity level on both ends, Jamaal Franklin was a leader on both ends of the court for his team this season but will have major adjustments to make if he is to become successful in the NBA. Franklin was primarily used as a front court player in college where as he will likely need to develop into a shooting guard as a pro due to his size. He has a good mid-range stroke, the athletic ability to be a good defender and displays a good understanding of cutting without the ball to get himself easy looks. A project, but a hardworking, elite athlete, Franklin will need to prove he can adapt his game wherever he lands.

The Team: The wolves will continue to look to add youth on the wings with their second pick and could also add some much needed athleticism by selecting Franklin. There are a number of shooting guard prospects available deep in the first round and the Wolves will select whoever they feel is the best between Franklin, Reggie Bullock and Allen Crabbe.

27.  Denver Nuggets – Allen Crabbe, SG

6’6”, 205lbs, California, Junior

The Player: One of the best outside shooters in college basketball, Allen Crabbe has great range on his jump shot and good size for the shooting guard position in the NBA. While he is limited creating shots for himself, he should adjust well to being a catch and shoot role player and has the tools to become a solid defender if he works on that end. While he is without great upside, he has a skill that many players have converted into a long and successful career, Crabbe will need to add to his outside shooting to earn minutes in the NBA.

The Team: The Nuggets are undergoing a major shake up with a new general manager and coach coming in next season. While the team is likely to keep its high paced, running style to some extent it is important to add shooters around the team’s core. With Ty Lawson, Andre Miller and Danillo Gallinari handling much of the offensive load, a young spot up shooter like Crabbe could provide value, even to a playoff team like the nuggets.

28.  San Antonio Spurs – Tony Mitchell, PF

6’8”, 235lbs, North Texas, Sophomore

The Player: A relentless rebounder and a strong, explosive athlete, Tony Mitchell possesses a number of skills that translate well from the NCAA to the NBA and could be a solid contributor found this late in the draft. Mitchell runs the floor, moves well without the ball and finishes above the rim with regularity. He will need to find a true position as he played both the small and power forward spots in college but will likely need to adjust to the four full time. Shows great intensity in the paint battling for rebounds and blocking shots but also showed impressive range on his jump shot. Can be inconsistent and turnover prone but shows great promise if he works on his weaknesses.

The Team: Coming off a heartbreaking Game 7 loss to the Heat in the NBA Finals, the Spurs will look to reload and go one better next season. With a great mix of experience and youth, coach Greg Popovich has shown he has no problem playing young guys if they buy into the system and play to the team’s style. Mitchell’s athletic ability, relentless rebounding and shooting stroke could add more depth to the Spurs front court if he can fix his turnover problem and inconsistency.

29.  Oklahoma City – Glen Rice Jr., SG

6’6”, 211lbs, D-League

The Player: Glen Rice Jr. has taken a unique road to the NBA and will enter the draft after an impressive season in the D-League. Rice has great size to play on the wings in the NBA and is a natural scorer both on the break and in isolation situations. A strong athlete without having great explosion or speed, Rice uses his skills and great body control to get into the lane and finish inside which compliments the deep range he has on his jumper. A limited ball handler and streaky shooter there is still work to be done but he has shown significant improvement and his ability to score the ball should see him land in the first round.

The Team: The Thunder are unlikely to have a great deal of minutes available to any rookie taken with this selection but Rice shows promise as a complimentary scorer and someone who can spread the floor in the NBA. If Jeremy Lamb has failed to impress coaches and is not guaranteed significant role in the rotation next season, Rice could provide competition for that spot.

30.  Phoenix Suns – Ricardo Ledo, SG

6’6”, 200lbs, Providence, Freshman

The Player: Ledo has the ability to create his own shot and the natural scoring instincts that are rare for a prospect found late in the first round. He has the ability to play as a primary ball handler and is a willing passer despite being an outstanding individual scorer. Has great size, solid athletic ability and a high skill level that would have seen him as a potential lottery selection if not for character concerns and being unable to play in the NCAA this season.

The Team: The Suns own a second pick in the first round and are in a position to swing for the fences on a player with Ledo’s potential. While there are concerns, there is no denying his natural basketball talent and with the last pick in the round he is well worth the risk for a rebuilding team like the Suns.


31.  Cleveland Cavaliers (via Orlando) – Isiaah Canaan, PG

6’0”, 188lbs, Murray State, Senior

32.  Oklahoma City Thunder (via Charlotte) – Mike Muscala, C

6’11”, 230lbs, Bucknell, Senior

33.  Cleveland Cavaliers – Tony Snell, SF

6’7”, 198lbs, New Mexico, Junior

34.  Houston Rockets (via Phoenix) – Livio Jean-Charles, SF

6’9”, 217lbs, France

35.  Philadelphia 76ers (via New Orleans) – C.J. Lesle, SF/PF

6’9”, 210lbs, North Carolina State, Junior

36.  Sacramento Kings – Archie Goodwin, SG

6’5”, 190lbs, Kentucky, Freshman

37.  Detroit Pistons – Alex Abrines, SG

6’6”, 190lbs, Spain

38.  Washington Wizards – Nate Wolters, PG

6’5”, 196lbs, South Dakota State, Senior

39.  Portland Trail Blazers (via Minnesota) – Erick Green, PG/SG

6’3”, 180lbs, Virginia Tech, Senior

40.  Portland Trail Blazers – Jackie Carmichael, PF

6’9”, 240lbs, Illinois State, Senior

41.  Memphis Grizzlies (via Toronto) – Myck Kabongo

6’2”, 180lbs, Texas, Sophomore

42.  Philadelphia 76ers – Lorenzo Brown, PG/SG

6’5”, 190lbs, North Carolina State, Junior

43.  Milwaukee Bucks – Pierre Jackson, PG

5’10”, 176lbs, Baylor, Senior

44.  Dallas Mavericks – Nemanja Nedovic, PG/SG

6’4”, 200lbs, Serbia

45.  Portland Trail Blazers (via Boston) – Bojan Dubljevic, PF/C

6’10”, 242lbs, Montenegro

46.  Utah Jazz – Erik Murphy, PF

6’10”, 240lbs, Florida, Senior

47.  Atlanta Hawks – Deshaun Thomas, SF/PF

6’7”, 220lbs, Ohio State, Junior

48.  Los Angeles Lakers – Ray McCallum, PG

6’2”, 191lbs, Detroit, Junior

49.  Chicago Bulls – Marko Todorovic, C

6’11”, 240lbs, Montenegro

50.  Atlanta Hawks (via Houston) – Phil Pressey, PG

5’11”, 177lbs, Missouri, Junior

51.  Orlando Magic (via Golden State) – Colton Iverson, C

7’0”, 263lbs, Colorado State, Senior

52.  Minnesota Timberwolves (via Brooklyn) – Trevor Mbakwe, PF/C

6’8”, 236lbs, Minnesota, Senior

53.  Indiana Pacers – Peyton Siva, PG

6’1”, 181lbs, Louisville, Senior

54.  Washington Wizards (via New York) – James Southerland, SF/PF

6’8”, 221lbs, Syracuse, Senior

55.  Memphis Grizzlies – Ryan Kelly, PF

6’11”, 230lbs, Duke, Senior

56.  Detroit Pistons (via L.A. Clippers) – Kenny Kadij, PF/C

6’10”, 242lbs, Miami, Senior

57.  Phoenix Suns (via Denver) – Robert Covington, SF

6’7”, 209lbs, Tennessee State, Senior

58.  San Antonio Spurs – Augusto Cesar Lima, PF

6’10”, 234lbs, Brazil

59.  Minnesota Timberwolves (via Oklahoma City) – James Ennis, SF

6’7”, 201lbs, Long Beach State, Senior

60.  Memphis Grizzlies (via Miami) – Solomon Hill, SF

6’7”, 226lbs, Arizona, Senior

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