Scouting Report - Archie Goodwin


Name:  Archie Goodwin       Age:   18    School: Kentucky

Height: 6’5   Weight: 189   Projected Position: SG            

2012-13 Stats:

14.1 ppg, 4.6 rpg, 2.7 apg, 1.1 spg, 3.1 tpg (31.8 minutes per game)

44.0 FG%, 63.7 FT%, 26.6 3FG%

 50.9 TS%, 46.4 eFG%, 27.2 USG%




Perimeter Shooting

Goodwin has shown that he can have good form on his jumper, though he needs to find some consistency in how he shoots the ball.  When his form is good, he does a good job getting square the basket, gets good lift from his legs and good follow through.  His release is quick, but his release point is low, leading to some line drive shots. He has the ability to hit his jumper off the pass or dribble, and if he has time to get set, he can be an above-average spot-shooter.  He uses his dribble well to create space for his jumper, and he has the size to get good looks at the basket.  Goodwin needs to work on using screens and moving without the ball. He uses a lot of movement to get open, but he doesn’t make quick, precise movements to lose his defender, and when using screens he needs to come off them much tighter to give him space.  Shot selection is a big issue, though experience should improve that.    


Goodwin has a very good first step, and he uses his dribble well to get by his man in isolation. He is aggressive going to the basket, but this aggressiveness often gets him in trouble. Goodwin needs to do a better job keeping his head up and seeing the court when he gets by his man, especially in the lane area. He is creative once he gets into the lane, and he is capable of hitting a runner or floater, though he needs to work on his shot selection around the basket, especially when he finds himself stopped by help defenders. Goodwin also needs to work on using screens better to get separation when heading to the basket, mainly coming off tighter and leading his man into the screen, not coming too wide around.    


Goodwin is an average ballhandler, able to use both hands and developing some advanced dribbles to keep the defense off balance.   He has average control, keeping the ball low and close to his body, though he does need to watch forcing his dribble through traffic.  He uses a crossover, which he could get a bit lower, to create space to get by his defender, though he will also use it to create space for his jumper.  He started to go more to his left hand later in the season, but he will often bail out and go back to his right when the left would be more appropriate.  Goodwin has decent court vision and he has size to allow him to see the court well. However, he needs to keep his head up and see what’s around him more often, especially when he gets stopped by help defenders in the lane.

Free Throw Shooting

Goodwin is a below average free throw shooter. He has a consistent and smooth routine into the shot, but he has a tendency to release the ball in front of his face, which leads it to have little arc as it go towards the basket. He needs to work on getting his release point higher and with more arc. Where Goodwin excels is his ability to get to the foul line. He is very aggressive going to the basket and does a good job drawing contact. 



Perimeter Defense (On/Off Ball)

Goodwin is an average on-ball defender. He positions himself well between his man and the basket, and moves well laterally over very short distances, though he is inconsistent with his effort.  Also, he needs to react quicker to his man’s movements and not get caught backpedaling.  He is capable of guarding either guard position. Goodwin needs to do a better job getting over the top of screens against shooters, often choosing to either go under the screen or switching, even giving up at times.    Off the ball, Goodwin generally positions himself well, though he can find himself wandering and watching the ball too much, leading to him losing his man.  When he chooses to pressure the ball or passing lanes, he can be very good in short bursts, using his athleticism to disrupt the ball.  He needs to do a better job anticipating his man’s movements, especially on cuts to the basket.  He needs to work on navigating through screens off the ball, especially getting caught in the lane area, and work on not letting his man get a lot of room to get set for a shot.  He has average defensive awareness, and should work on not getting caught fixating on the ball. 


Goodwin can rebound well for his size, using his speed to get after missed shots.  He needs to work on boxing out and anticipating where the ball will go and getting quickly to the spot.  He can be quick after long rebounds and will often use that as an opportunity to push the ball in transition.


Goodwin can be very good or very bad in transition. He runs the floor well and when he is running one of the wings he is capable of getting to the basket quick and finishing strong.  As he tightens up his jumper, he could be a legitimate threat from the wing in transition. He is capable of pushing the ball himself in transition, but his decision-making can be poor and he can lose control easily on the way to the basket. He needs to keep his head up and check out all of the options when he has the ball.


Goodwin is athletic and skilled, but still very raw, especially in understanding the game. He can be a capable of scorer, and his ability to attack the basket and draw fouls is very valuable, but he needs to learn to control and discern when to pick his spots. When he takes the time get set before his jumper, he can be good, but inconsistency and shot selection plague him. He has the physical tools to be a good defender, he just needs to learn and understand his role in the defense better. He’s young and there is time, just don’t expect much immediately. 

Draft Value:  Late 1st – #22-30

Going later in the Draft to an established team may be a greater benefit to Goodwin. Learning the finer points of the game is essential, similar to Eric Bledsoe a few years back. Still, the raw talent may be worth the 1st round investment if the team can be patient with him and if Goodwin is willing to be taught.


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