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Name:   Otto Porter        Age:   19   School: Georgetown

Height: 6’8         Weight: 205   Projected Position: SF      

2012-13 Stats:

16.2 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 2.7 apg, 1.8 spg, 1.5 tpg (35.4 minutes per game)

48.0 FG%, 77.7 FT%, 42.2 3FG%, 59.0 TS%, 54.1 eFG%

24.1 USG%, 6.7 ORB%, 19.0 DREB%, 13.2 TRB%




Perimeter Shooting

Porter has continued to improve his jumper over the past season.  He does a good job getting square to the basket, elevates quickly, and has a high release and good follow through. He does need to watch a tendency to rush some of his jumpers.  Porter does a very good job coming off screens ready to catch and shoot, though he still needs to work on hitting his jumper off the dribble.  He has range out to the college 3-point line, and with some work, should be able to hit the NBA 3 with some consistency.  Porter is also very good at getting clean looks in the mid-range area, though again, the issue of rushing the shot has some effect on the results.

Post Offense

Porter uses his body well to establish position in the post area, and he has developed a variety of moves to allow him to score around the basket. He is capable of finishing above the rim, or use either hand to get off shots. He is also very good at using angles to make shots off the backboard.  He needs to do a better job watching for players trying double, and to avoid making a move right into the help defense.   


This is one area where Porter could use some work. Porter is an average ballhandler, capable of using either hand, and having some developing advanced dribbles, including a change-of-pace handle. He needs to watch a tendency to let his dribble come up a little too high and away from his body.   Porter is very good at making a move to the basket when he gets the ball at the high post or along the baseline, usually within 10 feet of the basket. He has to look for more opportunities to attack the basket from the perimeter, especially using his ability to hit the jumper to draw defenders out. He needs to work on his foot speed, including his first step to get by the defender, as well as learning to use his dribble to get the defender off-balance. When he gets around the rim, he is very creative in finding ways to get shots off, and he does not shy away from contact. Porter needs to learn to keep his head up when heading to the basket and sensing where the help defenders are coming from. I would also like to see him accelerate better when making a move off a screen. 


Passing Skills

Porter has very good court vision and awareness, and he uses his size well to make passes over the top of the defense.  His passes are strong and catchable, and he is very good at facilitating the offense from different areas of the court, especially the high post area. As mentioned above, he needs to continue to work on seeing the court and making reads off of penetration into the lane area if the help converges on him.

Free Throw Shooting

Hill is an above-average free throw shooter, with a consistent routine and smooth shooting motion and follow-through.  At times, he will short-arm his free throws so they end up as a long drive, so he needs to watch from getting away from his routine. Where Porter needs to improve is looking to get to the line more often, getting there less than once for every 2 field goal attempts.  He does a great job drawing contact when he is around the basket, but he settles too often for his jumper. 



Perimeter Defense (On/Off Ball)

Porter is a good on-ball defender, positioning himself well between his man and the basket, staying relatively low and moving well laterally.  He uses his body well and can play physical when needed, as well as being capable of guarding multiple positions.  Porter anticipates his man’s movements well, but his reaction time in moving can be slow. However, he has a very good understanding of how to play angles and find spots to cut his man off.  Porter needs to work on getting through screens, and especially not relying on switches. He closes well on shooters and uses his long arms to disrupt not only shots, but to disrupt passing lanes.   Off the ball, Porter positions himself well, putting himself in an area where he can get to his man and help around the lane if needed.  Porter has good court awareness and can deny passing lanes well when needed.  He does a good job navigating through screens off the ball, not letting his man get a lot of room to get set for a shot.  He establishes position quickly as a help defender and is not afraid to take a charge against anyone. 


Porter is a strong rebounder, doing a good job tracking missed shots and getting into position.  He uses his body well to establish position and is quick to go and get the ball.  He boxes out well, getting wide and using his lower body to shield the offense from getting to the ball.  Porter has strong hands to secure the ball, and he can be a strong outlet passer to get transition offense started.


Porter runs the floor well in transition, capable of running the wings and spotting up for the jumper or taking the ball strong to the basket.  Porter has also shown that he can push the ball himself on the break, usually looking to finish on his own. 


Porter is a very versatile player who can help create mismatches in different areas of the court. He understands spacing well and he has good court vision and sense. He continues to improve in almost all areas of his game, and he should be capable of guarding a couple of positions at the NBA level. Porter understands how to make an impact, even when he doesn’t have the ball on offense, setting solid screens and attacking the offensive glass relentlessly. He still has work to do to improve his quickness, but he understands the game so well that he finds ways to compensate.

Draft Value:  1st Round – High Lottery – #3-8

Porter is still developing as a player, but 2 years at Georgetown has given him a solid foundation from which to build. He should be capable of playing in multiple systems and has the skills and understanding to make an impact in a variety of ways from Day 1.


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