NBA Preview and Prediction: New York Knicks vs. Phoenix Suns

If you don’t have NBA League Pass, then you are left with just one nationally televised game to watch tonight. Don’t worry! I will break this game down for you and predict the outcome. So even though you may only have one game to watch, you’ll be prepared. Let’s get started!

New York Knicks vs. Phoenix Suns: At first glance, this game looks like a blowout waiting to happen. Not so fast. The Knicks are coming off an emotional loss to the Lakers on Christmas day and now they have a quick turnaround to play this game versus the Suns. As good as I believe the Knicks are; I don’t believe they will be mentally prepared for the game. This should help Phoenix keep it close and at least have a chance.

From the Suns’ point of view, they should be more than ready for this game. They are well rested since they haven’t played a game since Saturday the 23rd, plus they are playing at home. So unless they gorged themselves with holiday food, look for the Suns to be the ones pushing the tempo. Now, let’s take a look at the match ups.

PG: Raymond Felton vs. Goran Dragic: Dragic definitely has the speed advantage in this match up, but other than that, I think Felton is the better player. He has superior court vision, and superior teammates, which both make for a superior point guard. Edge to Felton, but it’s close.

SG:  Shannon Brown vs. Jason Kidd: This match up goes to Shannon. Shannon can be an above average scorer in this league when he wants to be. The problem is; he doesn’t seem to care. But I think Shannon will attack the bucket tonight with Kidd guarding him and should have an above average game.

SF: Jared Dudley vs. Ronnie Brewer: Dudley might be the slowest perimeter player in the NBA. He also might be the best shooter that no one talks about. He is shooting an above average percentage from beyond the arc at 39.6%. However, Brewer is an above average defender and Dudley will find it hard to get his shot tonight. Edge to Brewer.

PF: Luis Scola vs. Carmelo Anthony: No brainer. Melo vs. (almost) anyone and you have to take Melo. He is impossible to guard and can hit a shot from anywhere on the floor on his way to getting his average of 28.5 PPG. Look for Melo to go for AT LEAST 35 tonight.

C:  Marcin Gortat vs. Tyson Chandler: I’m taking Gortat on this one. He has improved every year since leaving Orlando, and he and Dragic run the high pick and roll to perfection. Tyson Chandler loves hanging out under the basket to get blocked shots, but Gortat moves all over the floor on the offensive end. I see Chandler being in foul trouble all night trying to stay up with Gortat.

Prediction: Knicks win by 11, 106-95. Melo goes for 40 and leads the Knicks to victory. Gortat has a big night with 20+ points and 10+ rebounds, but it’s not enough.

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