NBA Power Rankings December 5th, 2012

There’s a new sheriff in town, led by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. The Oklahoma City Thunder take over the top spot after a perfect 4-0 record this week. The Spurs had one mishap, albeit with four of their best players resting at home.

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Last week’s rankings are in parentheses.

1. (4) Oklahoma City Thunder (15-4) – Durant shooting 53.4/50.0/91.0 in last 10 games. Wow. Five-game homestand on tap.

2. (2) San Antonio Spurs (14-4) – Coach Pop spat on the fans in Miami, but the team is still tremendous.

3. (1) Memphis Grizzlies (13-3) – A tough loss to the Spurs and one they should have lost to the Suns. Minor panic time?

4. (3) Miami Heat (12-4) – They can’t keep playing one solid quarter per game. Came back to bite them against lowly Washington Wizards.

5. (6) New York Knicks (12-4) – The defense is coming back and Melo’s minutes are coming down. Both great signs.

6. (5) Brooklyn Nets (11-6) – Losing to last year’s finals participants no big deal. Deron Williams and Joe Johnson shooting 39% and 41% is.

7. (7) Los Angeles Clippers (11-6) – As much as we like Jamal Crawford, there’s enough talent that  a starter should lead the team in scoring.

8. (8) Atlanta Hawks (9-5) – Rebounding and free-throws are a big problem and will just intensify come playoff time.

9. (9) Denver Nuggets (9-9) – The road hasn’t been kind and they’ve got a long trip ahead. Ty Lawson needs to come around now.

10. (14) Chicago Bulls (8-8) – An 80-76 loss to Indiana showcased the need for Derrick Rose to return. He’s coming soon.

11. (15) Golden State Warriors (10-7) – Stephen Curry has risen and is back to being a star, but how do they lose at home to Orlando?

12. (16) Minnesota Timberwolves (8-8) – Ricky Rubio is practicing and awaiting his return. Impressive thumping of the 76ers on the road Tuesday.

13. (17) Houston Rockets (9-8) – They’re tremendous at home, including holding off the Lakers Tuesday. Could Jeremy Lin be benched soon?

14. (11) Boston Celtics (9-8) – Rajon Rondo is the heart of the team but he’s too flawed as a leader. This team needs more focus.

15. (10) Philadelphia 76ers (10-8) – Jrue Holiday has been great, but no consistency elsewhere hurts. Thad Young leads team with 7.4 rebounds? Ick.

16. (13) Los Angeles Lakers (8-10) – Steve Nash won’t help Dwight Howard make free-throws. He also won’t help Kobe Bryant rotate better on defense.

17. (12) Miwaukee Bucks (8-8) – We can’t believe in the Bucks at this point. They depend too heavily on Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. Not exactly models of consistency.

18. (19) Indiana Pacers (9-9) – They’re coming around with Paul George leading the way. Defense is awesome and Roy Hibbert is waking up.

19. (18) Utah Jazz (9-10) – Getting closer to the inevitable Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap trade. Derrick Favors having a plantar fascia injury might change things.

20. (24) Orlando Magic (7-10) – Very impressive wins at Golden State and Los Angeles. Jacque Vaughn getting lots of credit, but what about J.J. Redick?

21. (22) Dallas Mavericks (8-9) – For a team with so much individual talent, they aren’t very good. No legitimate second scorer hurts. Get well soon, Dirk.

22. (23) Portland Trail Blazers (8-10) – Damian Lillard, Nicolas Batum and LaMarcus Aldridge are doing their thing, but seriously – can you name one bench player?

23. (21) Charlotte Bobcats (7-9) – Regression to the mean can’t be avoided. Ben Gordon leads the team in PER. Really?

24. (20) Phoenix Suns (7-12) – Trying to put square pegs in round holes. Michael Beasley isn’t a quality player. Shannon Brown is well worth his contract.

25. (26) Detroit Pistons (6-13) – Awesome at home, terrible on the road. How can they be so bad? Do they love to party or something?

26. (25) New Orleans Hornets (5-11) – Please tell us it’s a dream that the Hornets are changing their name to the Pelicans. Do Pelicans have unibrows?

27. (28) Toronto Raptors (4-14) – Remember when we thought the Raptors were going to be good this year? Seems like a decade ago.

28. (29) Cleveland Cavaliers (4-14) – Anderson Varejao takes rebounding personally and we love it. Get Kyrie Irving healthy and they are decent.

29. (27) Sacramento Kings (4-12) – Dysfunctional, not that talented and missing a hungry and aggressive DeMarcus Cousins.

30. (30) Washington Wizards (2-13) – They’ve beat the Heat three consecutive times, so, they’ve got that going for them. Is John Wall still alive?

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