The NBA Fix Podcast 11/04/12

Your NBA Fix Podcast

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Welcome to the second installment of “The NBA Fix”, our weekly podcast talking all things NBA!

Today, we talk about the Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and we debut a new segment entitled “Slow Down There, Turbo!”

Specifically, we talk about the relationship between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and if Westbrook can be a leader.

For the Houston Rockets, we look at Jeremy Lin and James Harden and wonder if adding a name like Josh Smith, Jose Calderon, Paul Millsap or J.J. Redick pushes them over the top.

The Los Angeles Lakers broke through with a victory and we talk about the chemistry being built with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace, Dwight Howard and Steve Blake. We also talk about how Steve Nash will fit in when he gets back.

Lastly, we slow some people down talking about the demise of the Lakers, Kevin Love‘s injury and the Rockets making the playoffs.


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