NBA Stat Central #3: WTF Stats of 2012-13 So Far

Welcome to the third edition of NBA Stat Central! We’re here every Friday with a column dedicated to digging into the statistical aspect of basketball!

In this edition, we’re going to look at some stats from the 2012-13 season that have made us say, WTF? There are always really bad games or just strange outcomes that makes wonder what exactly is going on out there. Without further adieu, WTF are these stats?

1. DeMarcus Cousins and Kobe Bryant played a combined 60 minutes and shot a combined ZERO free throws in their season debut! They were No. 9 and No. 6 in the NBA in attempts last year. WTF?

2. Much has been made about the Los Angeles Lakers offense and Dwight Howard not looking himself. Howard is averaging 26 points, 12 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 16.5 free throw attempts per game! WTF?

3. DeAndre Jordan had more turnovers in the first half  (7) of the Los Angeles Clippers win over the Memphis Grizzlies than anyone else has had in one game. He ended with 9 turnovers. WTF?

4. Dahntay Jones played just 7:43 in the Dallas Mavericks loss to the Utah Jazz. In that time, he managed to put up a plus/minus rating of minus-24! WTF?

5. The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Mavericks in their season opener by a score of 99-91. In that game, they shot 12-for-31 (38.7%) from the free throw line! If they had just made a respectable 68 percent as a team, they would have won! WTF?

6. Anderson Varejao is one of just 14 players in the last 25 years to secure 12 or more offensive rebounds and 23 or more total rebounds in just one game. Well done, and maybe put a body on that guy? WTF?

7. Anthony Davis, projected as a terrific defensive player, was anything but aggressive in his NBA debut. He recorded just one steal, one block and did not record a foul. He didn’t play a clean game, he was just extremely passive. WTF?

8. Dwight Howard currently leads the league in win shares (.4)…even though his team hasn’t actually won a game. WTF?

9. Jared Cunningham had a debut for the ages. He didn’t score, didn’t get a rebound, didn’t get an assist. He missed three shots, turned it over once, fouled someone and recorded an efficiency rating of -21.9. WTF?

10. Game 7 of the 2012 NBA Finals was the Mike Miller show, as he scored 23 points on 7-of-11 shooting. His 2012-13 debut? He didn’t even attempt a field goal in 7 minutes. He uses the hashtag #letitfly all the why didn’t he? WTF?

Did you guys catch any WTF stats that I missed? Let me know in the comments section below!

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