Jimmer Fredette: Why The Sacramento Kings Should Let Him Play or Let Him Go


Jimmer Fredette and the Sacramento Kings just aren’t seeing eye-to-eye right now. After a tremendous senior season at BYU where he averaged 28.9 points, 3.4 rebounds and 4.3 assists, he found himself buried at the end of the rotation for the Kings.

Take a look at his rookie season stats:

If there’s one thing that we learned about Fredette in college, it’s that he needs to put up shots early and often to get into a rhythm. He’s not the kind of player that can come off the bench hot and provide instant offense.

He went from taking over 20 shots per game (in 35.8 minutes) at BYU to taking just 14.1 shots per-36 minutes in the NBA. Then, the Kings brass want to know why he didn’t show the offensive gifts he did in college.

Being surrounded by Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins certainly doesn’t help his chances to get shots up.

I completely understand that the NBA isn’t the same as BYU. When Fredette was in college, he was given the green light on every possession. The NBA isn’t that type of game unless you’re a superstar on a team without other superstars.

Here’s the thing – Fredette can really score. But, they need to unleash him. If that means trading him to a team (Charlotte, perhaps?) that needs offense and will allow him to be who he is, then so be it.

If that means sticking with the Kings and becoming a sixth-man for them, that works too.

Either way, the Kings need to do what’s best for them and for him. Either up his minutes and allow him to shoot at will or trade him to a team that will.

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  • Nich

    Is 14 shots per 36 minutes really that bad of a drop off for a rookie? Are there Teams who would want a guy with those efficiency numbers shooting more than 4th most on their team per 36?

    IMO, kings grinned allowed him as much freedom as they could. As inefficient as Evans and cousins are, they still helped their team a lot more than jimmer did. Most importantly, Thomas and Thornton Played much more efficiently than him. A starters role is out of the question until he shows more. Hell, even the Bobcats have a starting backcourt he can’t crack as currently constructed. He can have value, but he isn’t there yet

    • Michael Dunlap

      I guess that’s the big problem that I see with him – he’s a volume shooter. Tough to prove your worth in a few precious minutes per night when it often takes him a bit to get into a rhythm.

  • http://thereal2kinsider.blogspot.com Rashidi

    Ah yes, trade Jimmer Fredette to Charlotte! Lord knows how well that worked out for Adam Morrison’s scoring “talents”.

    The NCAA game is far different from the NBA game. Jimmer has nothing TO unleash aside from more shots over bigger, tougher defenders. Nevermind that his defense is atrocious and he can’t run the point. There are tons of other players with that makeup. You’ll find them all playing in China.

    • Michael Dunlap

      I can definitely see your Adam Morrison comparison but at least Morrison was given the opportunity to play. It’s fair to say that Fredette hasn’t gotten the same opportunity. Granted, it could be because he’s terrible in practice and the coach doesn’t trust him in games.