NBA Draft Blog Interview with David Loubeau

The influence of a senior leader is often overlooked, especially in situations such as a head coaching change.  While injuries to key players derailed the Texas A&M season, the senior leadership (along with Dash Harris) of David Loubeau helped keep the team afloat during some rough patches, and helped guide the younger team members in a way that will allow the program to bounce back quickly in the near future.  And while coaching changes can be difficult, it did allow Loubeau to show a lot more to his game than playing around the basket.  Loubeau settled into a nice role in the high post, where he could hit his jumper and help facilitate the offense.  A lot of it had to do with his acceptance of a new role, which set the example for other teammates to do the same.  I had the chance to talk to David, who was training at Texas A&M, recently while he was preparing for NBA workouts.  David discusses his game development, adjusting to a new coach, and more:

David on his development at Texas A&M:

“I developed the most on the defensive side of the ball, mainly post defense.  My offense was polished coming out of high school, but I learned how to adjust it even more.  As a freshman, when I got the ball, I would make too many moves trying to score.  Over time, I learned to go with one quick move.  Rebounding is an area I should have focused more time on developing.”


David on adjusting to a new coach after 3 years:

“A totally different offense made it a big-time adjustment.  I started playing a lot more in the high post in the new offense.  The past season was a disappointment.  Besides the injuries, we had to adjust our training cycles and other little things.”

David on his strengths as a player:

“My biggest strength is my ability to score from 15-17 feet in.  I can score either in the face-up game or with my back to the basket.  I can use both hands on either block and have a reliable hook shot.  I have also gotten better hitting the high post jumper.”


David on what parts of his game he still wants to improve:

“I need to improve my rebounding, both offensive and defensive.  I want to improve my range out to the NBA 3 point line.  My footwork is good, but I want to improve my defensive and lateral quickness.”


David on his role at the next level:

“I think I can come in as an energy guy, doing whatever I need to do to help the team.  I am a great teammate, and will support the team on the court and on the bench.  I am just going to work hard to be able to show what I am capable of.”


David on what he wants teams and fans to know about him:

“I am a real good guy, and support the team and my teammates.  I have a lot of skill and energy to bring to a team.  People haven’t seen my full game yet, and my peak as a player is still down the road.”

I want to thank David for his time and I wish him the best of luck as he looks to fulfill his dream of getting to the NBA.  I also want to thank Jared Hodges at Walton Sports Management Group for setting up the interview.  David did a very good job going through all of the adjustments he had to make at Texas A&M, and is a better player for it.  He is certainly someone who will help a team somewhere with his versatility and work ethic.


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