NBA Draft Blog Interview with Truck Bryant

The developmental process for a college player is often a long one.  Developing the skills to play at the college level, combined with meeting the expectations of your coaches, can be difficult for a lot of players.  However, there comes that time when it all starts to come together, and when that happens, a player becomes a part of the heart of the team, to the point where a player starts to become synonymous with a coach and a program.  After 4 years, and 135 games as a Mountaineer, no player personified the West Virginia program more than Darryl “Truck” Bryant.  When Bob Huggins took over at West Virginia, he brought the team’s toughness to another level, and if you have watched Bryant play, there weren’t many Big East guards tougher than him.  In many cases, how Bryant played dictated how his team would perform, and he didn’t take that responsibility lightly.  A top 10 scorer in the Big East, Bryant also played some tough defense, being much more physical than many guards were used to, but exactly the way Bob Huggins’ guards play.  While Kevin Jones received a lot of the accolades, Bryant set the tone for the team.  I had the chance to talk to Bryant recently about his time at West Virginia, playing for Coach Huggins, and more:

Truck on his development at West Virginia:

“My time there definitely taught me about being a leader.  Defensively, I had to guard a lot of very good, but different players.  But running the show and being a leader were the biggest things I learned.”


Truck on Bob Huggins’ influence:

“Off the court, he helped me mature in a man.  On the court, it was the same; he got me to be mentally prepared to play at a high level.  We had our differences at times, but who doesn’t?  He helped make me a better leader.”

Truck on his strengths as a player:

“I would say my greatest strength is my leadership and my ability to make my teammates better.”


Truck on what parts of his game he still wants to improve:

“I need to work on being more consistent as a shooter.  Overall, I just want to work on all aspects of my shooting.”


Truck on his role at the next level:

“I can play as a lead guard; get my teammates open looks and scoring opportunities.  When I need to, I can also provide some scoring for the team.”


Truck on how playing in the Big East shaped him:

“Playing in the Big East did a lot for me as a player.  It made me mature quickly as a player.  I learned a lot about when I can and can’t attack the basket, and got to play with and against a lot of great players.”


Truck on what he wants teams and fans to know about him:

“I am going to work hard and give everything I got to make the most of any opportunity.  I will be a great teammate on the court, and will give back to the community any chance I get.”

I want to thank Truck for his time and I wish him the best of luck as he looks to fulfill his dream of getting to the NBA.  I also want to thank Jared Hodges at Walton Sports Management Group for setting up the interview.  As I mentioned at the beginning, Truck is very good at setting the tone for his team, on both ends of the floor, and has the maturity and knowledge to do the same for a team at the professional level.  This doesn’t discount his other skills, but lots of players can score, rebound, and play defense.  Very few players can actually be a leader.  Bryant will have his chance to be a leader at the next level, and I think that any team he leads is going to do very well.


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