NBA Draft Blog Interview with Noah Hartsock

At this time last season, BYU had become one of the epicenters of NBA Draft coverage.  People wanted to know more about Jimmer Fredette and how his scoring would work at the NBA level.  What went inexplicably unnoticed was how the play of Fredette’s teammates contributed to how he was able to shine.  Fast forward to this season, and basketball fans got to see the breakout season for one of those teammates.  Noah Hartsock displayed many new facets to his game when he was given the opportunity.  Hartsock nearly doubled his career high in scoring, averaging a little over 17 points a game on 56% shooting, to go with 5 rebounds.  With the ability to play around the basket or on the perimeter, Hartsock provides a coach with some unique match-up options, and the ability to fill multiple roles.  I had the chance to talk to Hartsock recently as he prepares to show NBA teams what he has to offer.  Here Hartsock discusses his game, becoming a scorer, and more:

Noah on the development of his game at BYU:

“I think the thing that developed was my competitive spirit.  Seeing Coach Rose and how competitive he was definitely made all of us want to compete for him.  That mindset definitely rubbed off on my game as well.  On the court, I was going compete as hard as I could and do what we need to win.”


Noah on his strengths as a player: 

“I am a strong knockdown shooter, being able to catch and shoot quickly from anywhere.  During my time at BYU, my role was always changing, so I have become very versatile and have learned to adapt to whatever is needed from me.”


Noah on what parts of his game he still wants to improve:

“There are always things I want to keep improving.  My overall strength – I will need to get stronger to compete and hold my own against pro players.  On the defensive end, I need to improve my footwork, being able to move my feet quicker and get out on guys faster.”


Noah on BYU’s move to the West Coast Conference last season:

“It was different, but it was really a good move for us.  It exposed to the team to a lot more different styles of play, and in learning to adjust, we all became better players.”

Noah on how his game changed in the post-Jimmer era:

“I really had to change my game a lot. Not having a guy who can go out and score 30 all the time was an adjustment.  I worked on picking up a bigger share of the scoring load, being a team leader, and focusing on finding ways for us to win games.  It wasn’t just me, everyone on the team had to take on different roles.”


Noah on how taking his LDS Mission before entering BYU affected his game:

“It made a big difference.  After not playing for 2 years and stepping into D1 basketball was tough, and I needed to get into shape quickly.  It was a positive thing though.  It definitely made me more mature, physically and mentally, entering college, and that made the adjustment somewhat easier.”


Noah on how he envisions his immediate role at the next level:

“I can come right in and be a player that can do whatever the coach needs me to do.  If they need someone to set picks and knock down shots, I can handle it.  If I went overseas, I can be a playmaker and scorer for a team.  No matter where I play, I will work with the coaches and do what’s best for the team.”

Noah on what he wants teams and fans to know about him

“I am a guy who brings it every game, night in and night out.  I played for top level teams in high school and college, so I know what needs to be done to be a good teammate and to be successful.  I will do whatever I can to help make the team better.”

I want to thank Noah for his time and I wish him the best of luck as he looks to fulfill his dream of getting to the NBA.  I also want to thank his agents, Ben and Adam Pensack of Pensack Sports Management Group, for setting up this interview.  While many may have been surprised by the skills that Noah displayed this season, if you had paid attention, you could see the development of his game from year to year.  I am sure his development will continue and fans will get to enjoy watching him play for many years to come.


Check back in the coming weeks for more great interviews and scouting reports as we head towards the 2012 NBA Draft.  Follow me on Twitter – @NBADraftBlog – for updates, leave your comments below, or feel free to email me at [email protected]



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