NBA Draft Blog Interview with Steven Idlet

Watching a player develop his game through the college years is always a treat, and is usually more so when it is a big man.  One player who took full advantage of the development process over the last few years was Tulsa’s Steven Idlet.  At 6’11, 250, Idlet has the size that most teams are looking for.  Add to that how he has developed not only an efficient offensive post game, the ability to step out and knock down jumpers, and a great understanding of the game itself, and you can see Idlet has what it takes to be a contributor at the next level.  I recently had the chance to talk to Steven about how he developed his game, where he sees his career going, and more:

Steven on how his game developed at Tulsa:

“It was a long process over 5 years.  The redshirt my freshman year definitely helped a lot and Coach Wojcik did a great job turning me into the player I am now.”


Steven on his strengths as a player:

“I’d say my biggest strength is my offensive skill set.  I can score with both hands in the post and I can also step out and stretch the defense with my perimeter shot.”


Steven on what parts of his game he still wants to improve:

“Definitely defense and rebounding are the biggest.  A lot of it comes from just having a high motor and being in the right place.  So, I want to keep working on improving my motor and the rest will fall into place.”


Steven on his role at the next level:

“I know I can come in anywhere and contribute in some form right away.  I can play a lot of minutes or I can come off the bench.  I’ll do whatever my team needs me to do to be successful.”


Steven on playing in the Portsmouth Invitational:

“It was a very good experience.  For big men, there is not a lot of one-on-one action in the posts in those games, so it definitely helped that I was able to step out, stretch the defense, and hit my jumper.  Being among that group of guys, it just shows you how many high quality players are everywhere, and everyone is competing for the same thing.”

Steven on what he wants teams and fans to know about him:

“I am a high character guy and a very hard worker.  I can fit in wherever I end up going and will do whatever my team needs.  I don’t have an ego, I will just help in any way I can, and keep working to get better.  If a team needs me to play a lot of minutes or if they need me to come off the bench, I can be successful either way.”

I want to thank Steven for his time and I wish him the best of luck as he looks to fulfill his dream of getting to the NBA.  Thank you also to his agent, Austin Walton at Walton Sports Management Group for setting up this interview.  Players like Idlet, big men who can play inside and out, are always at a premium in the NBA, and to watch how Steven improved over his college years gives you an indication that he will keep working and keep getting better.  I have little doubt that his opportunity will come to show what he can do.

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