The Road to the 2011 Draft

With the Summer League behind us, it is now time to start looking towards next June and the 2011 NBA Draft.  So, what does have in store for the next 11 months?


1)      Scouting Reports – The primary focus of this site – everything you need to know about the players coming out or who may come out in this draft;


2)      Interviews -  Chats with the players in the draft, the people who represent them, and the people behind the scenes – the NBA front office personnel;


3)      The Games – Daily College Previews and Recaps focusing on the potential draftees; and


4)      Follow – Up – Periodically, I will check in on the last draft class and see how they are faring in the NBA, Europe, and D-League.




I encourage everyone to use the forums or to contact me if there are particular players or issues you want to see discussed.  I always want to hear what you think.


Finally, coming this September, the debut of the NBADraftBlog Radio Show.  It will be live and the listeners will be able to call in and interact with myself and the co-host (to be named later).  Check back next month for more details.


So, a giant thank you to those who were with me up to this point, and, to those who are new, welcome to


Coming the rest of this week – NBA Free Agency and what the moves mean to the recent draftees.  Starting tomorrow – everyone’s favorite team, the Miami Heat.

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