NBA Vegas Summer League Review - Day 5

While it’s Day 5 here in Vegas for the NBA Summer League, it is my first day here at the Thomas & Mack Center.  There is a lot of action going on and it takes a bit to get used to.  Throw in talking to some people and it was tough to catch many full games.  I did see a few full games and at least a half of the others, so, for today, I will just give quick rundowns of who and what I noticed so far.


DENVER  99                Chicago 71


The big surprise of this game was when I walked into the gym and saw JR Smith suited up and ready to play.  In the few minutes he played, he was JR doing what JR does best.  For the players on the Summer League roster, the Nuggets kept on rolling.  Ty Lawson is doing a great job leading the team, and Coby Karl really does do a lot of things to make the players around him better.  I was also impressed with the hustle of Laurence Ekperigin.  He did a great job finding open spots and making plays when he had the chance.


Not a lot to say about the Bulls.  I liked the way Matt Bouldin played, especially at the point, though I think he needs to be more aggressive looking for his shot.



TORONTO  100                 Houston    91


Demar Derozan and Sonny Weems continue to be a lethal 1-2 combo for the Raptors here in Vegas.  Derozan has done a great job showing how versatile he can be on the offensive end, and Weems has been good for the highlight reel each game.  I have loved the way Joey Dorsey has played here in Vegas, looking like he wants to play and just using his bulk to toss people out of his way. 


For Houston, Jermaine Taylor has done a great job getting to the rim, and Ishmael Smith has been impressive running the point.



MEMPHIS  67                     Milwaukee   64


This was a sloppy game, especially with both teams opting to use full court pressure at times.  Larry Sanders has looked very good on both ends of the court, and Deron Washington has shown great scoring ability here in Vegas.  Tiny Gallon looks completely lost at times out on the court, though I have been impressed with how his jumper looks.


Hasheem Thabeet is playing with more aggression than I have ever seen out of him, and he even showed a few new moves in today’s game.  Just as in Orlando, I love watching Jeff Adrien play.  He goes full out whenever he is on the court and he plays like a player half a foot taller than him.



SACRAMENTO  90                       Los Angeles Lakers 84


DeMarcus Cousins has been a force here, especially on the boards.  So far, he has been playing hard, so let’s see if he can keep it going.  Donte Greene played a huge game, and did a great job getting to the rim in the 2nd half.


DJ Strawaberry was very impressive running the point, showing he is much more than a defensive stopper.  Courtney Sims was a beast on the offensive boards, and doing a good job defending the middle.



Make sure to check back tonight for the Day 6 recap – look for a much more thorough treatment.

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