Scouting Report - Sherron Collins

Today’s Scouting Report will focus on one of the winningest college players over the last four years, Sherron Collins, the point guard out of Kansas.  While he proved he is a winner on the college level, does he have the skills necessary to be a NBA point guard.  Let’s take a look:

Sherron Collins, Kansas           

Point Guard-  5’11, 205

15.5 ppg, 4.5 apg, 43% FG, 85.5% FT, 37% 3FG Mock Draft Position – #40 (2nd Round, 10th Pick)



Ballhandling/Hands/Penetration- Collins is a reliable ballhandler and is very good at running half-court offenses.  He handles pressure defense well and is comfortable with both hands. While he doesn’t have great speed, he has the ability to break his man off the dribble.  He needs to work on getting deeper on his penetration, as he has a solid body and should be able to take a hit.

Rebounding/Passing-  At 5’11, you aren’t going to get many rebounds out of Collins, but he does a good job getting after long missed shots and loose balls.  He has good court vision, though he has slight issues with much larger defenders.  He is very effective getting the ball into the post at different angles.  The majority of passes are well thrown and on-target. 

Perimeter Shooting-   Collins is an under-rated perimter shooter, and he chooses his shots well.  He needs to improve on shooting off the dribble, as his size can prevent him from getting clean looks at the basket.  If left open, he can be very effective from long-range.

Free Throw Shooting  – Collins is an excellent free throw shooter, though he needs to work on getting to the line more often  As I said earlier, he is solidly built and should be able to absorb some hits off of penetration.


Perimeter Defense- Collins can be an effective on-ball defender, though his lack of quickness and agility make it tough for him to be a great defender.  He does do a good job anticipating player movements and uses his skill to force players into the help defense.  He does a good job getting though screens, especially on pick and rolls.  When he is playing off the ball, he needs to be a little more aggressive, as he often leaves too much space between him and his man, which makes it tough for him to close on perimeter shots.


While he is not the quickest player, Collins does an excellent job getting the ball up the court in transition and taking advantage of numbers.  He is a very good decision-maker on the break, though he would be better served to take the ball to basket himself more often. 

Summary & Intangibles

Athleticism – Above Average

BB IQ – High

Collins has the qualities that most teams look for in a point guard – he is tough and he is a winner.  He makes up for the lack of physical skills by playing smarter than his opponents and cutting down on mistakes.  While he may never be a star point guard in the League, there are many teams that would be happy with him running the show.  Though he may not go until the 2nd round, look for him to get major minutes right off the bat.

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