Scouting Report - Terrico White

Terrico White came off a stellar freshman season with very high expectations.  While his play improved only slightly in some areas, his name became a popular one among NBA scouts.  What were these scouts seeing and what kind of NBA player could he be?

Terrico White, Ole Miss           

Shooting Guard-  6’5, 213

15.1 ppg, 4.6 rpg, 43% FG, 71.4% FT, 34.3% 3FG Mock Draft Position – #26 (1st Round, 26th Pick)



Perimeter Shooting-   White has a smooth jumper, consistent form and a good release point.  He uses his legs well and has range out past 20 feet – though he is most comfortable, and consistent, from 17-20 feet.  He is a much better spot shooter than he is off the dribble or off of screens.  He needs to improve his ability to get open off the ball, especially coming tighter off of screens, as well as working on some go-to moves to create space for his shot.

Ballhandling/Hands/Penetration- White is an above-average ball-handler and has the ability to play spot-duty as a point guard.  He he the ability to get into the lane, though he lacks the kind of speed to beat his man in open space.  He will need to work on using high screens to get into the lane as well as adding a pull-up shot off of penetration.

Rebounding/Passing-  White does a good job crashing the offensive boards and has great leaping ability to go high for missed shots.  His court vision is average, but he does a good job protecting the ball and not making many bad passes. 

Free Throw Shooting  – White doesn’t get to the line as often as he could as he tends to play around the perimeter.  He is a decent free throw shooter, but still has room to improve.


Perimeter Defense- White needs to improve his on-ball defense as he lacks the lateral movement and footwork necessary to stay with NBA level guards.   He has good hands which keeps players he is guarding honest, and he does an excellent job closing on shooters.  He has improved as an off-ball defender, doing a good job denying passing lanes and working through screens.

Rebounding- White has the ability to provide solid rebounding support from the guard position and does an excellent job going after loose balls and long rebounds.


White has the ability to fill the lanes or handle the ball in transition, but he needs to work on going stronger if he chooses to go the basket.  Also, he would be a bigger threat if he worked on shooting jumpers in transition.  He has excellent leaping ability and if he gets out on the wings, it could lead to some easy and spectacular plays.

Summary & Intangibles

Athleticism – High

BB IQ – Above Average

White could be a high value pick in the later rounds, as he is can score in bunches and is still improving.  While he would have been better-served with another year in college, he is skilled enough to contribute immediately to any number of NBA teams.  If he become a bit more consistent with his perimeter shooting and more aggressive attacking the rim, he could be an NBA starter in a few years.

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