Look Who's on Bloguin

If you have been to my site before, things may look a little different to you.  Less than 2 months from my first post, NBADraftBlog.com has joined the Bloguin nation.  As much as I hoped people would come to read what I had to say, I am proud and humbled by all of the kind word and I hope to keep providing the content you have become used to.

For those who are new to the site, my name is Ed Isaacson and this is my NBA Draft Blog.  This blog specializes in scouting and providing insight into the NBA Draft and the players who are a part of it.  You will be able to find original scouting on all the best college and international players, and of course there will be some other features, including interviews with some players and their agents, as well as with NBA team personnel.

I want to give special thanks to Dave, Derek and Ben from Bloguin for taking the time to look at my blog and then reaching out to give me a new home with other sports lovers and, hopefully, a much wider audience. 

So, enjoy the new site, make sure to use the comments section and the forum, and check back often.

Ed Isaacson 

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