The Top 5 Transition Scorers - 2010 Draft Edition

The Top 5….. Series continues today with a look at the guys who know how to get out on the break and finish once they have the ball – The Top 5 Transition Scorers:

Honorable Mention- Willie Warren, Oklahoma; Denis Clemente, Kansas State; Devin Ebanks, West Virginia; Marquis Gilstrap, Iowa State; Jordan Crawford, Xavier

5) Darington Hobson, New Mexico – Hobson, while not the quickest guy on the break, can fill the wings or handle the ball and his long strides seem almost effortless as he moves down the court.  He is able to finish at the rim or with a pull-up foul-line jumper and he doesn’t mind a little contact along the way.

4) Wesley Johnson, Syracuse - Johnson has some of the best hops in college hoops and was on the end of 3 rim-rocking alley-oops last season that I can think of off hands.  He gets down the court quickly and effortlessly, and can also spot up on the wings for a transition jumper.

3) Aubrey Coleman, Houston – Coleman may be the most versatile scorer in transition out of this group.  It’s safe to say that when he gets the ball in his hands out on the break, it is going up.  While not as athletically gifted as the others, he knows how to score.

2) John Wall, Kentucky – Fastest guy baseline-to-baseline in the draft.  He always seems to be 2 steps in front of everybody else and can finish at the rim in many ways.  Doesn’t mind some contact on the way, but you need to catch him first.

1) Jerome Dyson and Stanley Robinson, Connecticut -  I have decided to lump the teammates together, though they ways they score on the break are very different.  Dyson is reminiscent of a young Iverson, throwing his body at the basket almost recklessly, but always finding a way to finish.  Robinson fills the lanes and seems to appear out of nowhere above the rim with a Kemba Walker pass ending up right in his hands.

That’s it for this Top 5…  Make sure to check back later this week for the Top 5 Clutch Players in this draft.

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