NBA Team Needs - Boston Celtics

My trip around the NBA continues with a look at one of the Final 4 teams playing – the Boston Celtics.  With the Big 3, Rajon Rondo becoming one of the top point guards in the League and Kendrick Perkins playing as a serviceable center, what do the Celtics need to add to continue at the top.

Returning Players- Paul Pierce (SF); Kevin Garnett (PF); Rasheed Wallace (PF); Kendrick Perkins (C); Glen Davis (C); Rajon Rondo (PG)

Team Payroll (6 Players) – $63,326,049

Estimated Salary Cap – $56,000,000

Team Needs- Supporting cast; possible replacement for Ray Allen; future replacements for Garnett and Pierce

Position Needs – SG, SF

Picks – 1st Round (#19); 2nd Round (#52)

Analysis-  With the Big 3 aging, the Celts will most likely look to add potential replacements, especially since this is an unusally deep draft.  At #19, the Celtics could have their choice of the small forwards who fall to them out of this group – Paul George, Luke Babbitt, Gordon Hayward or Devin Ebanks.  Any of these players would be a good fit for Boston, but I think if George is available, they have to grab him.  At 6’8 and a pure shooter, he can also move to the 2 in a bigger lineup.  Ebanks is an intriguing choice, especially if he has some time to learn under Pierce.  He is very athletic and would be a great wing compliment when Rondo wants to run.  Another possible direction would be to grab James Anderson as Ray Allen’s replacement.  A great scorer who plays hard and knows how to work without the ball would be a nice get.  In the 2nd round, look for the Celtics to add some backcourt bench depth.  Some possible options include Jon Scheyer, who could provide some perimeter shooting off the bench, or  a backup point guard in Jerome Randle, though I am still not convinced at his ability to play at the NBA level. 

Tomorrow, I will move south and we will take a look at the needs of the Atlanta Hawks.  For more analysis on the players, check out the search button up top or see my extended player analysis at

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