The Top 5 Three Point Shooters - 2010 Draft Edition

It’s time now to continue our series of Top 5’s for various skills in this year’s draft.  Let’s take a look at the long-range bombers – not only in shots hit, but range, consistency and form count as well.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Three Point Shooters in the NBA Draft:

Honorable Mention -  Jerome Randle, California; Terrico White, Mississippi; Denis Clemente, Kansas State; Matt Bouldin, Gonzaga.

5) Ryan Wittman, Cornell- With great size, a quick release and NBA range, Wittman had the chance to show his skills nationwide during Cornell’s run to the Sweet Sixteen.  While his lack of athleticism make him a fringe NBA prospect, his shooting stroke is to be admired and if he does get a chance to play in the NBA, I have no doubt that he will be an effective long-range shooter if he can learn to create his own shot.

4) Jon Scheyer, Duke – Scheyer has a shooting form straight out of  a training video.  While his shooting percentage dropped as he took over point guard duties for the National Champions, he still showed great range and the ability to shoot with a hand in his face.  His release time will need to quicken in the NBA, but he should be able to find enough open space to get his shot off.

3) Jordan Crawford, Xavier – Crawford still needs to work on his consistency, but his form is fantastic and he uses his legs so well that he should have no problem with the NBA 3 point line.  He is a streakier shooter than anyone else on this list, but when he gets going, he is tough to stop.

2) James Anderson, Oklahoma State- Anderson gets his place on the list for his ability to hit the long-range shot in all situations – off the dribble, off the screen, catch and shoot, and transition.  His size allows him to get his shot off over most defenders and he is athletic enough to force defenders to play off of him.

1) Andy Rautins, Syracuse – Rautins spent three seasons as a great spot shooter and zone-buster, but this season, while handling point duties, emerged as a great all-around shooter.  He has shown the ability to pull up on the break and hit the 3, uses screens well to elevate over  defenders, and as always, you cannot leave him open.  While he may not get as many shots off at the NBA level, he is so good that it will force defenders to play him tight and open up court space for others.

That concludes this edition of the Top 5…..Check back tomorrow for the Top 5 Transition Players.  As always, please use the Comments section, you will not be judged.

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