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The Top 5 Passers - 2010 Draft Edition

Today I will be starting a series of posts looking at the Top 5 players in the Draft at a multitude of skills.  Hopefully, this will give people a look at the individual areas where certain players excel above the others and give them that much more of a chance to be drafted highly.    First post will look at the players who not only know how to get the ball to their teammates, but, more often than not, make smart decisions with the their passes.  Not only flashy, but crisp and in places where their teammates can do something with it.  The best passers in the draft:

Honorable Mention- Greivis Vasquez, Maryland; Matt Bouldin, Gonzaga; Armon Johnson, Utah

5) Eric Bledsoe, Kentucky-  The less-heralded of the two freshmen Kentucky point guards, Bledsoe is actually the much-more impressive passer.  He can get a ball through the narrowest of lanes and is usually good for one spectacular pass a game.  Would be much higher on this list if he did a better job controlling the ball.  He’s still learning what kind of passes he can get away with at higher levels.

4) Sherron Collins, Kansas – The complete opposite of Bledsoe.  Very little is flashy about Collins’ passing skills, but there is no denying that he knows how to control an offense with his passing – just ask Cole Aldrich.  A good, solid fundamental passer, Collins knows where he needs to get the ball and puts it on the spot.

3) Gordon Hayward, Butler – One of the best last year at the drive and kick, much of Butler’s success can be attributed to Hayward’s ability to penetrate and use his height to consistently find the open man.  Also does an extremely good job hitting men out of the post. 

2) John Wall, Kentucky – Wall may be the best open-court passer in the last 10 years.  He heads up court at ridiculous speeds and somehow always gets the ball in stride to guys moving 3/4 the speed he is.  In a set offense, he has the ability to drive and kick, though he doesn’t always make the best decision.  And boy can he throw an alley oop.

 1) Greg Monroe, Georgetown – Hands down, the best passing big man I have ever seen.  High post, low post, perimeter; skip passes, back door – Monroe can do it all.  Not only does he make the right decisions, but he also finds ways to make passes that someone 6’10 should not be making.  I can maybe think of 2 or 3 point guards who had 10 assists in a NCAA game this year – Monroe had 12 against Providence. 

Agree, disagree.  Hit the Comments button and let me know.  Next up – The Top 5 Clutch Shooters.

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