NBA Team Needs - The New York Knicks

Is New York’s favorite team on track to start something good?  Let’s take a look at the Team Needs of the New York Knicks –  

Returning Players- Eddy Curry (C); Danilo Gallinari (SF); Wilson Chandler (SF); Toney Douglas (PG); Sergio Rodriguez (PG – Qualifying Offer); Bill Walker (SF – Team Option); JR Giddens (SG – Team Option)

Team Payroll (4 Players) – $17,782,904 (If they add Rodriguez, Walker and Giddens – $22,543,821)

Estimated Salary Cap – $56,000,000

Team Needs- Spend cap room on at least one top-tier Free Agent; Too many to name (Frontcourt, Backcourt, basically anywhere but the 3)

Position Needs – PG, SG, PF, C

Picks2nd Round (#38, 39)

Analysis- With Goal #1 for Donnie Walsh accomplished, clearing cap space to make a run at Lebron or the other top-tier Free Agents this summer, he now needs to turn to Goal #2 – rebuilding a team which has been decimated by years of mismanagement.  With between 4 and 7 players already in place for next season, look for Walsh to make sure that he makes the most of these two early 2nd round picks in what is turning out to be a deep draft.  Look for the Knicks to target players who are versatile (can play multiple positions) and would be a good fit in Coach Mike D’antoni’s system.  Currently, I have projected the following players to be available at these picks and fitting these criteria:  Paul George, Larry Sanders, Terrico White, and Darington Hobson.  Each of these players would provide the Knicks with instant depth at more than one position.  Ideally, if they could add a guard and a forward, they would have a more well-rounded roster.  The problem is without knowing what pieces they will add through free agency, they won’t be able to target specific positions with these picks.  Of course, there will always be the option to package these picks to move up into the 1st round, though in a class this deep, they would probably be better off sticking with the 2 picks they have.  If I was running things, I would be quite happy to add the combination of Sanders and White, giving me a big man who is athletic enough to play the 4 or 5, and with White, a 6’5 shooting guard who can easily play as a back-up point guard if needed.

Tomorrow I will look at Dwayne Wade’s soon-to-be former team – the Miami Heat.  Make sure to leave any questions or comments and I will address them.

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